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Hi, I  was just wondering if anyone here is following the Corey Feldman situation? I know that Nate had posted about him a few months ago.  I couldnt find it here though. Seems like he was/is? having a difficult time with the pedogate/pizzagate cabal? Which I believe is part of  the primary ancient evil group (stemming from pre-Earth/Cosmic). There are conflicting convoluted accounts. Mostly him being discounted as a crazy (the usual tactic). Wendy Willams on tv said she believed he was  a road rage victim. Corey Feldman mentioned that the assaulters didn't ask for his car keys or wallet. He was forced off the freeway by his attackers after a dinner. TMZ reported he was hospitalized. However, no evidence of a stabbing despite Feldman saying he felt a stabbing of a sharp object that drew a little blood. Police not seeming supportive. From my experiences most police precincts seemed totally compromised. Very few real police officers. Very scary, I don't know how it is now. Whatever reason it is in regards to Corey Feldman, it seems to be a sign that you can't be too careful. This constant friction has to stop, we can't continue with antagonistic bullies. Max Spiers, Michael Casbolt, Douglas D. Dietrich, Julian Assange, Corey Feldman, etc. warned us about this group. Im constantly attacked too by them. It really seems like a gang of thugs who pick on WhistlerBlowers and we can't let them do that. It's so uncalled for and hate can not rule! 

Please be Safe in Jesus' ~ Jahs' names and Goddess' names ~ In All Sacred names not in pain or vain ~ 

Invictus Amore Amoramus ~ Amoramus Invictus Amore ~ Undefeatable Love We Adore Thee  ~ We Adore Thee Undefeatable Love ! ❤

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There is no doubt that Feldman has been abused in the usual Hellywood manner. Whether he sold his soul early on or was forced into this satanic cabalistic world it matters not right now. He has broken down as do most in his position as the life of abuse and debauchery takes it's toll eventually. For a very well detailed personal insider look at the standard practices etc in the movie industry i can suggest to go to this site; "indianinthemachine" . A woman involved in the industry for many yrs tells it like it is. And the alphabets are all in there as handlers and controllers etc. When you go to this site click on the thread below the air head who wants a kiss.  Slan tamaill

Hi CELTICSHAMAN365MHZ, thanks for the blog suggestion. I vaguely remember seeing this blog a few years back. II wasn't able to get to the entries though to see.

As far as things happening the way they are, its totally unacceptable. People falling thru the cracks of an unfair set-up. It's really hit and miss, duck duck goose, hunger games and bad listing, now by 'A.I'. too ??  Synthetic Intelligence, Mind Control and it's falling apart with all these mad sciences and scientists. Its not supposed to be like this.

I'm was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ive worked in that business and my ex's family in it. The sadistic dark pedo Hollywood scene is not the real Los Angeles and it's people. It's been hyjacked, symbolic of Humanity. Hollywood was supposed to be Holywood. Film with purpose and a good message for Humanity. Always the good wins! Happily ever after would be the ending of course! It's horrible what has happened. It can't be a bad ending in reality!

There is really no overt real formal administration of Humanity. Im talking Earthly and InterGalactic, Heavenly (True Heaven). I am really missing the Community support for what's happening to everyone and everything. It's definitely not comforting and we can't afford it. Anyone who assumes responsibility for whistleblowing should be supported. It's not safe to and it really needs to be said especially now. Hopefully it fosters Unity and Support.

Unfortunately, most people are too scared to say anything. It's really hitting the fan too, covertly and overtly! Its utterly insane unfortunately. Its seems like a miracle we are still somewhat afloat. Thanks to the Unseen Ones who make and made it So! Somehow. It for sure takes more than one person. One can't do it alone. It truly takes a village (A Macro Universe) so to speak.

Anyway, I hope and wish Corey Feldman and All Humanity makes it pass the disfunction ASAP.   The dialogue is definitely lacking and it really has to be seriously discussed at least. Thanks to the Communications and Good Techies. The Truth Shall Set Us Free? I hope and wish So! We can't coward down. Existence is not a game as some may think.  Thanks for the response. There's actually someone out there. Not meaning to sound facetious. 

In Jesus' Names and Goddess' Names and ALL Sacred Names ALL Universe and Universes', Macros and Micros, ALL Moment of Space and Spaces, ALL Infinity, Love Rules AHMen Amen ALLMen ALLBeing that made and make it So!

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Last night, I just watched a video that Coey Feldman put out recently. I wanted to post it here. His own account of the his stabbing that recently occurred. He shows hospital paperwork on the short video, stating how to care for his injury. procedures and tests given. So he must of had some injury for the hospital to treat him. He said they measured his wound with a device. He said he gave a video to TMZ. I didn't see this on TMZ. He said it takes up to 6 months for AIDS to show up in a test. He was offered an anti-Aids pill too. I think he declined it because it supposedly makes you sick. The YT video was disabled and now removed from my YT History even. Very stupid. How are adults doing this?? I don't know, all I know it's beyond stupid with also the Mind Control and Programs, Synthetic Intel. by the programers that could be way crazy stupid too. It has to stop! Freedom of Speech should be Respected. Especially now of ALL Moments Of Space and Spaces! Come on you guys, really?

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