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Reply to "ACIO Who are they really? who are the Masterminds of the Supersoldiers WARNING"

To Black Widow and LongTimeMilab. Hi, been wanting to reply and also want
to confirm and validate some things, with an *, if you or anyone else
knows? *Is Draco from Archangel Gabriels' Soul Lineage, Nordic?? Me too,
I'm Christian. I want to buy so many crystals, gems and stones but I keep
thinking it's not Christian. It says in scripture, not to use stones and
that evil spirits can dwell in them. But I also believe that they can be
medicinal and healing. Have you read anything bad about stones/crystals
being non Christian and why? *Enki is the 1st Consciousness ever. God the
Creator. *Enlil is Mars. *PAX= God the Creator(the Original Creator, not
the 'prime creator')+ Mars+Mother Nature/IsIs). *Mars, Soul Lineage is:
Adam, Osiris, Orion, Aktenanan, Ra, Thor, Lancelot, Jesus (who died on the
Cross, not Baby Jesus)....... *Baby Jesus, is
God the Creator born, then switched with Mars??, Horus, Ganeesha, Imohtep,
Atum, King Tutankhamun.......... Heard being under a pyramid isn't good.
What do you zap, with the Clark zapper? Noticing, different nasty black
stuff with tech and a good people trap in that. Not good, the tech has to
be irradicated. People can't be victimized! Another remedy is lots of fresh
cilantro/corriander. To get rid of the heavy metals. Also, tried talking to
the nano's and phemas?? As a suggestion on sst, with James and Asha. 'They'
seemed to have been alerted. Felt a rush when I tried talking to them. I
like the natural soy and latex (non toxic) foam mattress besides the metal
spring ones too. You can get really cheap at Wayfair. LongTimeMilab, def
don't want anybody to piggy back on me or any part of me (fragments) on
them. I want to be all in one place, 101% Sacredly. No GMO! *Yahweh is: a
combo (gmo) of Cosmos and Time. *Cosmos is: Lucifer, David, Archangel
Raphael, Eziekel, Set, Amun, Rasputin, Krishna, Medici, Allah, Anu, Baal,
Marduk, Moloch(??)........ *Jehovah is, God the Creator. *Mars is: the One
who died on the Cross, as Jesus Christ. Krishna, also means Christ. I think
the phrase, 'cover with blood' is an old ancient barbaric symbology and
archetype of, "not in vain". Anyway, sorry for the run ons....