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Reply to "ACIO Who are they really? who are the Masterminds of the Supersoldiers WARNING"

eevie posted:

This shit has to end soon. I refuse on every level to give in. I'm coming to with red marks on my cheeks/jawline along with the itchy needle bumps on the neck below the ears that go with electro shock. Don't know what made the red marks equally spaced just above my jawline. Things are very confusing as there is little remembered if any at all. I was majorly lashed by milab for a huge was deliberate..i don't fuck up and they know it....they had me inside a circle of them yelling at me....i said fuck this and woke up. Whew that was soon as i ws asleep they instantly grabbed me and continued where they left off. I don't handle that kind of shit very well in alter...i don't fuck up.....ever.....

anyway..didn't mean to go there...people have gotten very weird since the eclipse. Any idea what really went down with that so called eclipse? Strange day.....

 working with allies when milab doesn't take me. Very busy all the time.....and not allowed memoreis  from them or milab.  

There is a certain sound/vibe/frequency that releases our ancient cosmic memories....working on this. we need them.

There is so much i do not innerstand mostly due to lack of conscious knowledge. not in a place to garner such. used to be to a degree...but not now.

So....our tomorrows are wide open for our bidding if we do this right We do have to be of one heart.....forget the mind...they own our minds. and some have slipped back into the matrix religions. Very disturbed by this....back into their minds...leaving their hearts behind....yet again. 

just want to get this fucking over with and go home.....i hear a soft voice telling me to wake up....literally....only i dn't remember how. Others as well...same. 

I hate this world...this hell we were born into......and peeps fear hell at death lol you are living in is hell....literally....the land we walk on, grow our food on....human giant carcasses......we live on dead bodies....this is wrong in so many ways....hell is being tied to these bodies...this is unnatural...this is the true death. We live again when the body dies. Everything is backwards...

i'm typing how my mind is working..disjointed sorry

the insanity of it all is the sanity we flow effortlessly with  


Eevie, I don't think that Earth matter is totally human giant bones. In the Bible it says that Adam was made out of Earth/clay, not Adam was and started out as Earth/clay. Mars/Adam was born a cosmic universal being, magical intangible to like a 'space dust' Logo, that took form. The fore 'Father's' (Cosmo/lucifer/Krishna...etc.) element is/was Metal for protecting. His element in the very One Time Beginning, was tangible magical cosmic floating pre metal, like space dust, like a Bronze hue. A creative element too. God the Creators' element of Metal is Gold (As Divinity). Born perfect: Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit from Cosmo and Mother Nature. Their Only Sun/Son together from a 'mindless', incoherent natural procreation in the very beginning of the One Time Beginning. Gold is not a fighting Metal. It's Protection (as a Father element) It represents: Providence; GodHead; like a King, Lord of all Lord's; Ben Ben Egypt. Mars was/is the "Sleeping Giant",  as the Mountain on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai (I believe, that Island??). You can see a giant man laying down on the side of the mountain. Supposedly, he woke up a few years back but I don't know for sure. If that was true because I saw it pineally and heard telepathically. Mars is Iron Metal, I'm told. I just heard that Cosmos gave his metal element to Gabriel before in the past. Gabriel is saying he has to pass it on, "pass the torch", because he is now compromised. Be safe Everyone! Peace ❤

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