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Reply to "ACIO Who are they really? who are the Masterminds of the Supersoldiers WARNING"

*This new update wont post, again very bad tech play on your site and my
device.. Reporting an emergency. In regards to a blatant, overt/covert take
over, much activity on a massive, Earth and Intergalactic scale.
Communications are an issue. Please confirm your receipt of this/these
accounts. Thanks, Nanette

* Update from last night, this morning, and now at a different sister hotel
of the last distinct couple of nights. within the  last recent 3 hotel stays in South Bay CA area, the same chain
in Burbank/2014, I mentioned. Now at El Segundo. Same thing of the lastnights' hotel very overt/covert.  Here as well: dark evil, Intergalactic, bohemian grove feeling and peeps look/feel, pizzagate vibe
and noticable in 3d. * Please refer to my emergency posts, initially 'put'
in, regarding Casbolt's post/thread and I noticed the recent ACIO post/thread too.  Some here are casual bystanders, I kinda doubt it?? ***not my edit here: [Now more overt/covert,']   PLEASE send in the Troops', Legion's,
Community, Communications, *** they removed the general line here: {any established and/or establishing agencies or groups that do rescue for the Children (a 'child' could also mean a 100 year old, disabled, animals, etc.) My Family too .... } Primarily asking for the young children I spoke of this late. For Humanity Free. Any
Representatives or Envoys? I'm not joking. Peace��


*Thanks for/to the Ones who posted this from an email, after failed attempts to post here on SSF. Thanks, Nanette


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