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Reply to "ACIO Who are they really? who are the Masterminds of the Supersoldiers WARNING"

Global Hunger Games..

Destination: Nelson.Dulce.wiltshire

Barry King.  James Casbolt. Duncan. Jan Rodriguez. David Marrow. Steven Greer. Max Spears. Cathy Morgan. Sarah Hart. James Rink. Sarah Adams. Phil Schneider. and Miles Johnson... Breeding Services.

MKultra Cathy'O'Brian and Paul Bonnaci, Johnny Gosch filter to Holly weird . 

Laurence to Larry King. .Hunter s Thompson/Depp.The Two Corey's...Jacksons.

Disney Destinations... Wizard of Oz..there on after!.. somewhere over the rainbow... Bronze.Silver and Gold..

Tele'vision.. being fed the vision to activate/trigger influence cognitive motivation..

Tele'phone audio frequency that also triggers  cognitive motivation.

Add Television and Telephone and we have YouTube...Add drug/drink/substance addiction and THEY have you by the short notice curly's my friend...

The overall agenda... Depopulate and destroy DNA strength, paralysis of telepathic free mind, fade out human to human creation via social media dating and non gender classification. Drip feeding virtual simulation and stimulation...

And STILL!.. against all the above against us..we all love a hugg, food and warmth..

We are now in situe of reducing physical contact via familys being split up into authorized institutions.. Schools, Hospitals and Prisons all have the same plan..To control human contact, hunger and warmth... without the three elements human man kind will stop existing...

So l ask who is the Plieadian enemies..who started the Orion wars..who wants to destroy earth and human creation...

Truth... Peace..FIGU..