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Reply to "Boom!!!"

What all this shit comes down to is the ages old war. The socialists are doing the Vlash reptilians and the Maitres bidding.  The war is in high gear above us. Space around earth is covered heavily with thousands upon thousands of ships. We are seeing this manifest on the ground between the hybrids.  All the socialist agenda is from the malevolent aliens and their hybrids. Not unlike Saruman in LotRs they have been busy creating their armies.  Grabbing ppl off the streets to make their hybrids ,  giving them too much of their essence, proof in the face eating that is blamed on bath salts ffs! 

The benevolent hybrids are mainly Karistus hybrids and Anunakene hybrids. 

This war will be won by the space and on the ground.  If we can make it just 1 second past midnite on the last nite of 2022 we will be ok. 

The vid I posted in reality is a tiniest fraction of what is coming. They will call it a civil war but it is not.  This is a fight for humanity and winning our planet back. 

See things as they really are. Blast those pineals open. You will need them to discern who is what and the truth of what you see. You will need to discern who is in the ships that we will all be able to see.  If we win this war now.....its all more bullshit world leaders.  No more malevolent,  greedy, evil beings running and ruining our lives.  This shit is deadly serious. No more mind control,  no more mkultra, no more gang stalking or electronic torture. 

The time is now. 


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