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Codex of the Matrix from a Timeline Perspective

Timeline - A specific vibration that attunes to specific ideas within a universe, and the resulting effects on the world around it. Can have multiple timelines within a universe, and can have timelines in different universes.

Negative Timeline - A timeline where the general consensus is that the principles cause oppression, destruction, stress, and/or unbearable/unlivable environments as a whole from the perspective of the one walking with in it. Usually deep in the matrix meaning you are more limited to the dampening field.

Positive Timeline - A timeline where the general consensus is that most of the principles attempt to aid the one in that timeline in some way. Usually farther away from the inside of a matrix.

The most common paradox is that you can see, touch, and feel anybody from another timeline as long as they are not dead in the timeline where they actually exist. You will be seeing only a shell if they don't exist in your current timeline, or are dead. Also, if they are totally dead in their timeline, you may still see them if you're really far away from their main timeline.

Timelines are always, always, always governed by a group or force. Here I will attempt to list these groups as accurately as I can. This will be only the mainstream versions.

Timeline one - The Illuminati and reptilians. It's a very stressful timeline where every disaster seems to affect you in some way. This is the ultimate timeline of Murphy's Law. The mainstream Illuminati lords of timeline one are they greys/MIB. The greys in this timeline are the direct result of a solar flare, and are time travelers from the far future. They generally farm dna as they cannot in any way reproduce. This is where the majority of the Montauk projects led to deadly effects. Prostitution and drug addiction runs far more rampant, and right now California or at least part of it is sunken into the ocean.

Timeline two - The Vatican. This is almost as bad as timeline one. Religious people are the most common in this timeline. The old Nordic vanir are considered like angels in this timeline. Many bad things happen within this timeline, but people have some false hope. At any moment you can slip into timeline one or three. The dragon societies are fought against in this timeline. This is the start of the journey out however for people like me who were born in timeline one.

Timeline three - The Royal Order of the Dragon, "Galactic Federation", and the followers of vlad vampirsm. The dragon societies are extremely strong in this timeline. Also the low version of vampire is strong. Space and technological advancement is all important in this timeline. The archetypal nerd kind of runs rampant in this timeline, damned to not have power for many incarnations. The negativity is starting to break in this timeline.

Timeline four - The archetypes of the gods, and super-humans - Freemasonry and Illumination takes a bit of a back seat in this timeline as a more administrative role. The dragon societies used to rule here, but got kicked out promptly. This timeline can result in many mutations/manifestations. The only bad part is that you may get trapped in the hero scenario that never ends.

Timeline five - The Alchemists, and philosophers. This is the most positive timeline any normal human can reach while keeping their soul and life at the same time. This is where you can fully apply transmutation for the long haul of immortality. You cannot leave without it. The art is secret however, and extremely rare. Conflict is rather rare in this timeline, and not very political as far as who is in charge as it diffuses most attempts at taking control of it directly.

Timeline six - The vampire lords. Cannot speak much on this, but it is where you learn the art of taking the soul and vril out of everything and everyone to clean up the world of toxic energy.

Timeline seven - High level factions coexist. I won't go into detail, but it's the skyfather archetype that is in control of this timeline. It's a timeline to gain knowledge and energy before proceeding.

Timeline eight - The Octagon Society. You might not hear of them ever. They ritually have elongated heads, and have a strong focus on water. This timeline is where you learn of the great dampening field. It is a timeline of risk and little reward. But nonetheless titanic power.

Timeline nine - Obviously the ninth circle is in charge of this timeline. This is a darker, yet positive timeline. There occult wisdom at every corner here.

Timeline ten - The elusive Venitian Society rules here. Never attempt to stay, you will be trapped in the matrix forever if you haven't left yet. It's VERY positive. But it is programmed to learn what you desire and how to fool you into staying. 

Timeline 11 - Still mostly ruled by venitian. From here to 13, it's all a coordinated effort on who rules over the timelines. This is where you could even have a face to face if you so desired. Timeline 11 has a lot of history. You can get a closer look into religions and the why of things.

Timeline 12 - Starts to get redundant at this point as you are about a decade into traveling if you're really fast and good at it. There are actually societies who worship a particular goddess who is represented by the number 12 here. That's as far as I'll hint for now.

Timeline 13 - Whoever completely masters and becomes one with the archetype of the matrix and agrees to be limited to it lies here. Usually the chosen archetype is Luciferian or Kaballistic in nature. This is the final timeline of the matrix. This is where the goals of the MIB are to keep you in. There is literally no other objective in this timeline then to grant desires and try to keep you from cracking that membrane. Because once you're out, you're no longer trapped in the matrix.

Why does the matrix want you? Simple, every living being that doesn't feed on the matrix is used as fuel. The human mind and soul is the only thing in existence that does not fully need to obey the law of conservation of energy. Thoughts can manifest out of nothing, then seemingly minute energy is found within. The soul for that matter simply has pieces of infinity. The more powerful you are, the bigger the soul, the more infinity you can say you have. It's how you can apply your will to the world around you.

There will be more if anyone has questions privately. Obviously there are some things that won't be mentioned fully. But here is the world from my experience to some degree.


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