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Reply to "Defense Minister Paul Hellyer tells RT "Aliens Visiting Earth for Thousands of Years" Jaw Dropping!"

    I've got to say, given the dates of some of these that I was obviously "on program in the EMERTHER network" since I was 5 years old in 1958... coincidentally or not, the SAME year the 12 year old girl starts dealing with them, in Linda Howe's video... and yet again, when the self same types of grays are meeting with Eisenhower secretly about the nuclear testings.  Incidentally... I was living just west of here in Riverside, California in 1958 and I am in Las Vegas now, and THOSE nuclear tests were visible from where I am sitting right now up into the early 1960s, and I was living a couple hours drive west of them when I met my first grays.  There's things that make PERFECT sense about some things I had long sought to reconcile as "reality" or CIA mindfucking.  They DO excel at that.  I was as shocked as anyone, to find that triangular implant they put up my nose when I was five years old, was as real as can be on my MRIs, and if that wasn't amazing:  There was the deep brain patterning nano technology also plainly visible in the MRIs.  I'll include some of those here...Coronal-Post-V-shape1Flair-Axial3-101Flair-Axial124-32ProcyonianSgtCJbinaryTranslationsColoredSgtCJemertherCouncil5starseedsportalRt-Thigh-BirthMarkAlien-Birth-MarkRdragonstaff
     So, President Eisenhower is meeting with aliens and getting weapons tech deals with the Grays.  But the Nordics were having none of that with giving such a murderous species more weapons of destruction.  So, Ike turned down the Nordic's offers flat as "unprofitable" to American industry.  But... it was known since just prior to Roosevelt's administration that extraterrestrial Nordics were living among the normal Earth human population and even interbreeding with us.  I was such an offspring, and put up for adoption and whisked off to MKULTRA to be "weaponized" as a Nordic/human supersoldier.  VERRRRRY FUKKEN NAZI!  
     Since I was seven, I remember my stepdad telling me that when he was gone, I was the man of the house (firstborn) and to protect my mom, sisters and little brother.  If anything were to attack them, I was to attack it (regardless) and if anything happened to them, not to bother coming home alive.  It did not then, nor does it now, seem like too much to ask a man to do for his family.  After Lincoln's War, many of our brothers and sisters here, who survived setting those people free, came home with them only to find signs that said no Colored or Irish need apply.  So, you understand that an American Mick can usually be found in some of the more adventurous and colorful parts of these cities, and it can be unforgiveably brutal at times.  But the "CONTINUOUS PROTECTION" of not just my sisters and family, but then neighborhood kids with no "big brothers" and too many predators, and I became "responsible" for the ground I was standing on.  Though no "sane" individual could really hold me so, just for being there... I was responding to someone or something else that only I was inclined to listen to.  
     I'm sure I read that binary code that we have just seen, though not in the same way that those men saw it, loud and clear and obeyed it from my heart of hearts... probably "full steam ahead" since 1958.  Events, whether I really believed them or not at the time, were that memorable.  Was I MK'd to it?  Or was it something *I* would choose on my own?  I certainly did not choose this body and ALL they did to make me this way.  I got what looks like very "human" tech in my teeth that I'm struggling with.  But the stuff inside my brain is obviously thousands of years ahead of us.  But for all my pains and complaints, I must confess that there ARE and have been many times that I was more than glad that I "owned my own ULTRA" and not just some ballsy kid with an attitude.  Uncle Sam and the Rockefellers *think* they own this lab rat... but you can see who's been driving this car all this time.  Not THEM.  They dare not walk in front of it!  
    The CIA *never* gave a single shit about ANYONE's well being but their own dirty game.  This was bigger than me... but backed me up totally when I kicked into high gear, and then into "turbo".  The spooks *hated* it when I got involved in some local thugs' scuffle and made a spectacle of myself and drew attention to them, unless something I was involved in had gained them new assets in places they couldn't normally reach.  So... the MK ain't the spooks.  They never wanted me to even know those guys were really wiring me up for something.  But spooks are watching and reading this even NOW.  So "my enemy's enemy" gambit applies here.  
     I've been watching, listening, gaining information, waiting and preparing in the dark since I was an infant, to get on top of the worst of my own nightmares.  Nobody ever came to rescue ANY of us.  There was the quick and the dead, and something even worse than dead.  Thanks to the spooks:  I do NOT have a "fight or flight reflex".  I have ONLY a "fight reflex".  I get scared and dangerous in equal measure, and evidentally I am picking up their stuff loud and clear.  I trust no one.  I never could in this life.  But there appears to be just enough "common ground" to make a fair ally.  I'll *never* agree that ANY human or even near-human be subjected to such culling and experimenting.  I'm pretty sure at some point, they have seen what happens when my engine's revving up.  I get the feeling that I'm going to have to make some formal agreements NOT to kill certain types out-of-hand to guarantee the safety of a meeting.  I am more agreeable to that idea NOW than I probably would have been a week ago.  I *know* the straits we are in, and I was hoping that all we'd have to do was reach a "tipping point" and we would de-fuse the very worst of our global problems.  But it looks like the shenanigans at CERN might be worse than I had considered.  We had gray guys shutting down nuke sites at the height of the Cold War!  I figured CERN won't go anywhere they won't allow.  If what they say about the EBENs being worried is true, than we are going to require a bit of truly divine intervention.  I'm not prone to waiting passively for someone else to deliver me.  I wasn't all THAT confident even that I could survive the half of this crap, help or not.  I think "God" is going to find me busy, or dead when He steps into this.  I won't rule Him out, but neither will I let evil prevail while I'm still breathing.  
     But I prize having my own soul intact and in my possession, and I desire the same for my siblings.  *My* "free will" is that I would follow my beloved Master's example and I would spend my life to set my brothers and sisters free, and I consider it a terrific buy for what little I have to spend for it.  I expect to see our great grandchildren meet and exceed anything I have ever done, and just like our ancestors have and are doing now for you and I... I will cheerfully do for them.  No more "alienation".  We have been held back in our evolution and all we could achieve, just to be the fodder of these elite royal fuckers for MANY generations.  I'd have to say that my very own heart and soul is into this.  In GOD we trust, siblings!  Absolutely EVERYBODY else needs watching.  ;-)
     For the record, and I still maintain this to be true as I know:  We are ALL of us, EACH race and culture on this planet now (born to it) are technically a "hybrid species".  Some of us more or less so than others.  But ALL of us are perfectly "human".  Some might say "Terran".  My clan would say "Danaan" or Children of Mother Danu/Earth.  It's NOT just *me*.  It's peeking out at you from your genepools too.  I'm just wired for more presently.  I'm having the kind of laughing moment that gives CIA handlers nervous breakdowns.  I have discovered and even named the network that I am irrevocably hooked into.  I have "allies" in really high places, and an intricate knowledge of my enemies and the inspiration of unstoppability that I had on any ULTRA mission.  The numbers their analysts must be reading, must be worrying indeed!     


Images (9)
  • Coronal-Post-V-shape1: Inserted by Emerther Grays at age five.
  • Flair-Axial3-101: An array of eight nano-bots...
  • Flair-Axial124-32: Anything I can see or hear... THEY do too.
  • Procyonian: An elder Tall White introduced me as "John Stormm of Procyon".  I told them I was born in Cleveland.  But they seem to know more about me than I do already.
  • SgtCJbinaryTranslationsColored: This is the "program" that all of "Ike's Embedded Citizens", like me received at an early age, even over and above MKULTRA.
  • SgtCJemertherCouncil5starseedsportal
  • Rt-Thigh-BirthMark: Even my birthmark IDs me as Plieadian.
  • Alien-Birth-Mark: The inset picture on the left, is my birthmark on my right thigh.
  • Rdragonstaff: So, I learn Danaans are actually Plieadians.  It makes perfect sense.