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Has anyone noticed The Logo Planetary Configurations Up in the Sky ?

I see mentioned a 5 Planet line up , June 2022 . My Mobile phone with the Planets App showing the Constellations above in real x , showed 9 Logos , Planets aligned ( images below in the Attachment area ) , somehow those images were transferred reversed on My end ) . And I see about 14 Logos in this picture ( below  ⚪️ ⛅️🙏🏻⚪️⚪️⚪️

It is extremely rare and important significant Cosmic Nature happening which again I am seeing No News about this on TV News really or online . And the blaséness of Everything occurring - along with a motion of a light and fun  , not of seriousness and concern for Humanity is really disturbing 💗

5 “ Planets I read about a couple Days ago . I dont really know how to read the Astronomy does anyone here Gno , Know and Care ? It appears as a Stellium , However that means ALLL in One House or Sign ⚪️🌌🤍

Actually I see about 13 Celestials there





Images (4)
  • 50451D63-C2BF-43BC-B589-33961427ADDF
  • 63FAD50F-699D-49BB-9EFC-959295D53218
  • 75F4029B-4588-4E31-8413-F13399FC290E
  • 0961FB05-2D3E-4033-BDE7-2102BAFC2D7F
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