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Reply to "Has anyone noticed The Logo Planetary Configurations Up in the Sky ?"

Also been wanting to ask if anyone has any thoughts of this Cosmic Quantum themed video Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap .

If You see the Video It appears that there is a racer ‘ towards the Sun . And there are Ushers ( the Band members in the Official Video ) . It appears like perpetual hell makings , over and over again , in the last scene the racer gets retracted back out of Space , after purged out of The Sun to be continued and then to be absorbed by The Sun  ???  Totally Crazy  !

Is It Soft Disclosure ?

The Sun doesnt deserve that , put the E mindz Invertamatically InKarmed , In a Real Job ALready ! ⚪️

3C18C706-21AF-483F-9506-5616C66AF9B0Sweet Disposition ~ Temper Trap




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  • 3C18C706-21AF-483F-9506-5616C66AF9B0
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