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Here is a doosey of a Post !


It's too much to re- write so I'm linking to my FB post- thread from last night .;id=100000405341801

FB post text , without the comments to follow . You would have to go to the FB link  for more  n about the Twilight Zone thing - about 6 comments .

"  Okay You Guys  ' , here it goes . You ALL probably think I am crazy ' anyway  . However , by Now You ALL have noticed the unexplainable n or at least the curious occurrences around the World And around Us by now .

I am guided to share this text . N by the way I was removed from my ( finally settled placement for a few Months at least in my fresh start Studio ' ) after Years of Upheavals in Los Angeles n elsewhere  , away from my Childrens placement (?? , n Excommunications n Family  Bond since September of last Year ) .

N I am Now in Beautiful San Luis Obispo . In an Airbnb , awaiting a suitable Home supposedly ! Anyway I am posting a text , I sent my ExHusband today :

"  N I forgot to tell You regarding    Max Spiers in another Body before He was hyjacked as He was right next to me on a bench ! After He told me that The Stars up there put their Bodies together , up there ! Without MK Ultra ! Quick Old School I guess . N that crazy ketu , who did it said He has His body for 3 months ( screaming at me ! ) . That was about 3 months ago . N Max isnt looking Good now ( in other polyfragmented  ways " ) . It's looking scary ***** .

- N  ( * I recalled ) I saw that on an Interpol video , Lights " | n Rest My Chemistry song  . Showing Star Beings | Stars putting a Mans Body | Form together  ! 

N other People told me about that too ,  in different occasions.  A Person on the bus said that they come from Outer Space to down here  .

- Also Mobys song , We Are ALL Stars !

Versus album title - " The Stars Must Be Insane " !

- Another Person told me in Mar Vista , He was trying to save the Amazon , that they were trying to destroy , Two months before we starting hearing about the Forced Fires there -  He also told me His ancestors said the Outer Space Peeps ' were not supposed to be on this Planet - He said , His Family said , We dont belong here " !

- Pretenders song , Back on The Chain Gang , descended like flies " ! , they hyjacked my Planet overnight ' - N Morrissey covering of the song . N How Soon is Now, I am The Sun ..... He does a lot of soft Disclosure there .

Pixies song This Monkey is Going To Heaven , one of the band members was glowing as a Celestial Being in the video ! The lyrics also pertains to what I'm fyi-ing .

N that Ketu , the South Node - I'm telling You is doing that -  as so black now . I saw Him near Redondo Beach house too ( * last year ) , when we were there , Walking to the Gas Station  , were I made a Friend ( a Manager * ) n It was so scary when I saw him approaching the station , He look inHuman Black Shadowish n very Creepy !!!! I believe the same person I saw at Black Sheep pub on my Birthday telling me I have to take responsibility for Criminals n their actions , over n over ..... N I kept saying NO !!!!!
Ketu is a Karma control thingy ' in Sanskrit !

I'm telling You they are down Here as Jezebels beating up People , Nature , Humanity as hatetors Actually calling Us CLOTHES ! It's so
e " . When He took Max Spiers  ,  after He pass away next to me n that ketu entered His Body n I noticed what had occurred ( as He slumped over and leaned and rested on my shoulders * ) -  And then  ketu | south node , was screaming at me and saying Max's body He had for 3 Months !  This after Max told me He was put together by Stars Up there ! Like what I saw in that Interpol video . P . B .  = Jupiter .

[ * N I saw a recent interview ] - NO In that same interview  !!!!!! 3rd party line there censored *  ......  ( *  Right after Max Spiers in another of His Bodies encounter n Horrible Crime....... ) , with ketu in another Persons Body saying that " The Person in this Body is melting " ....... ( and other things to that point ) laughing to P . B . obviously concerned , knowing exactly what He was saying n very bothered , However Not able to elaborate in the obvious Double Dutch Talk .

The day after that Interpol interview ,  I re- posted a FB Picture , I had just seen * , of a Baby inside a womb n the Illustrating as He was torn up n beat up , in the caption saying this has to stop ' ( basically * ) !

Before all that I already knew this , n figured it ALL this out . N getting all these connections of confirmations n validations dropping down here like flies "  ( lyrics from above mentioned ) ........  Disrespecting ALL Creation ! Not joking , very serious , And I'm not delusional  ! They said the greatest trick of the D ' \ e " is making it as though He never existed ! So True , I never thought that until about 15 Years ago ,  He did ( * n is )! N how crazy it is Now !

* That's why Natural Procreation is where it's at,  Like God intended  ! You meet ~ Fall In Love ~ N maybe Your meant to have Romance , Beautiful Life N Children ........  Existence  , Extraordinarily Naturally of course ! +💗

Definitely without e " troll hatetors assault n infection n total hijacking to destroy !  ?? We | Humanity  , Human , The Children of The Universe dont deserve those e " mindz attached to Our Bodies n Breathe of Existence . NO GMO With jezebel - Now Men too ....... It's so Stupid evil  !

Be careful *****  +💥💟💖💙🦋🌌😊⚘ ))))))  "

- Sorry to ask to be heard , I'm sorry to tell You this And I am HopenWishing The Intricate Truth ~ In Absolution We ALL Are Free !
I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!!!

Nanette + 💟

The * indicates additional  information  .

The Pic below is the FB repost , the day after I saw that YT Interpol interview  ! "

* N posting my text to Nate here           ( from this Morning  ) , who is supposedly comfortable in the Extremities  ? Very Scary !!!!

" Hi Nate , I HopenWish Everyone n Everything is Okay . I wanted to let You know I posted an extremely important Paranormal, Supernatural , N High Tech FB Post last night , to supposedly the normies ' out there . Experience with Twilight Zone type of thing too . I want to post on SSF when I get a chance . Maybe I will just put a link to it on SSF ??

Please let me know if You are Okay. ? I havent heard back from You recently. N I'm assuming it too much rambunctious ' around to go there with doing an Interview . I certainly HopenWish You have extra Support n Security ! I m in San Luos Obispo now . I was removed out of my Studio there in Mar Vista, Venice CA again .

Anyway , nice here in SLO . Trying to lease a House , ( right now in a rude Airbnb ) with my ExHubby .
Your Welcome to visit anytime if Your in the Hood here ! It's really nice here even though , CAL Poly town too .

Anyhow , I think a very interesting FB post - thread about Star Beings , Max Spiers , A lot about Music Bands mentioned n references | with Soft Disclosures , 3d N crazy Ds with Parallel time lines ?? , N High Technology , even 3d comment (s) alluring from the opposer who was a poser ' in my growing - upbringing , who I see in my MindsEye constantly ! N With interesting History n Pictures just had here too .......

PLmk if You are okay , Thanks +💟 "

+💜🌌 Thanksgivings To N For The Ones Who Protect You And  I ~ Humanity  !Please be careful out there People And Peeps in Jesus ChristLord Names N To The Ones That Protect Him Too , Not InVain Ever !  Perpetual Peace And Love , Resoundingly StiLL +💖


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