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To You ALL , concerned Citizens of Humanity  ~  with Human Compassion N Affinity  . Now I'm in Morro Bay , Airbnbeingit .

From SLO 20 Minutes away and they were getting infiltrated too . Now I'm noticing a horrific mess here too . I am posting texts explaining  :

~   +*  , after I left here to try to do Transmutated (* because rudeness at the Airbnb with the TVs Not working n with Picture however without sound    + ........ ) .  I sat at a bench nearby for about an hour n I didnt want to go back into the house . So I ended up going Atascadero ( Which I had a negative feeling when I saw that name looking a map about 1 week before coming here n seeing the Street sign of the Atascadero when I arrived here . It's the Street to the Morro Bay Rock Beach . A Beautiful spot however , There is a Toxic dumping facility right there by the scenic Rock n Beach there . With RVs n Houses where People are supposed to Live , living , life ? It smells sooo Chemical n the spewage of Sewage also there ! You can taste the Chem on Your tongue . WFT is going on here ? What are they doing to this.  Planet , Its So Evil ! 

-  What is going on with Morro Bay n Baywood next door too ? Baywood was written in the newspaper as a toxic place too . Its so toxic chemical n Sewage here . Its Illegal !!!!!!

-  The Planet N People cant Live that.  way ! You can't Breathe without it being overwhelmed. WTF With that ? Hows is that allowed ?

-   I read about Baywood being the most toxic place in the US about 15 years ago . When I walked back last night , I still didnt want to back to the house . So I went back to the bench n the Sewage smell was now even there !

-  N also last night , as I siting on a Tree Stump staring out to the sea , The Rock there . I looked at The Moon , to the Left of the Morro Rock n I saw it was that infamous ( Prophecy ?? ) scary  Salvador Dali painting where Everything was melting even the Time watch , The Moon looked like that .

-  N No , I'm Not Delusional ! What's Psychotic is that Toxic chemicals dump right there at the Beach , With Morro Bays Rock scenic Place n RVs n Houses right there with ILLEGALLY using n Abusing n mockery of this Planet , The People. Humanity - Being Allowed ! The chemical smell is so saturated in the Air , to where You can taste it ! It's so Sad +* 

-   N supposedly I'm done ( * I was told to stop (??) last night  with Hard Disclosure . I also heard saw other thing saying I have Speak Out too , n ....... this Morning . How can I not say anything about that . Should I ? It's So Horiffic !

 ** So there is a Hazardous Waste  Plant , And  a Water Treatment Plant | Sewage right next to that ,  The immediate across from The Rock n Beach n  park  .  NThose  3 Towers with also Airborne lights are Oil Refinery things (??) , behind those Plants about 3 Blocks away .  At the Coastal Towns scenic spot of Iconic Morro Bay Rock . N RVs n Houses directly right next to that Toxicity .  ?? The Stench n Chemical , with it so bad You can taste it ! Its  so saturated n overwhelming ! Its horrific who's Allowing that ! N nobody says anything n or questions about it  ?  The Antipathy in Entrophy is Extremely dangerous You Guys ' . This Planet Is Providence Gods N The Mothers Planet  , not troll jezebel n evil/hates n now extra alien ' hatetors here . ALL is seeming into the abyss of a  Black Hole , we wont be able to Undone it  !

*  K " is from California , intially from Northern California never did it have to be imported !

-  = A text

*  = Elaborating n or adding 


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