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Reply to "How DID a violent fantasist end up marrying a billionaire's daughter? James casbolt" know what, I just tried to re-edit my censors on the last above post. As I was ready to update the post with corrections, I tried to copy and paste, as usual and they killed switch the interface, gone! Never happen before like that. Usually it recovered somehow. So, I give up! I can't and will not keep up with that f*git sh*t! Im not chasing the f.g.!

Every edit is a misleading total opposite of what I'm trying to relay. In this instance specifically the last paragraph above.I have had to do this many times before, I put a lot of critical thought into my writings.Im not going to try anymore that way.

Did/does anyone or anybody care anyway. No, I don't think so. F.g. yup/yuppy. So all fall down into the black goop abyss!

This will be my last post here, probably anywhere.***Nate is there anyway to download all my articles, my own copy?

Anyway, F.U. F*gs! Guluk(a) Vedic scripture name/H.C./C. the Great? You are a wannabe c. You're so not worth it! What a joke a supermodel?

H. Christiansen?? With a Christian last name. Total blasphemy! A joke? I think your not going to be able 'play' the laugh tactic! Your not funny........

Perpetually bye to evil in anyway shape or form.

Invictus Amore Adoramus ~ Adoramus Invictus Amore!

In my name(s) and in Jesus', The Christs' Names. For Humanity (All Creation) ONLY!

Sacred Divine Universe of Only Crystalized and Crystallined SpiritualLoveMind Rule! Protectors, Guardians and GateKeepers in ALL Macros ~ ALL Micros ~ ALL Moment of ALL Space and Spaces. In Now ~ In ALL Now.               

O 'Mother Not in Pain, Not in Vain! AHMen, Amen, ALLBeing, ABe"I", We Be We**, Free, Humanity!

+ DuBouzet +

💥 💜 ❤ 💪

 **How stupid, they put or 'allowed' the original post here, the one before I tried to correct the                                           evil censor/edits....  Just noticed  after I posted this re-edited one.


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