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Identifying as possible milab, mutant, or hybrid

Greeting to you. Its possible my profile will be around for a while so i will attempt to identify but in a simple way. Im not even sure if i should do it but i guess i will.

The following section is an account of being hybrid/mutant : My unusual condition starts with pondering if im even all human. With philosiphy and belief a side it seems like im a entity compaired to alot of people. I guess im a hybrid then. I seem to have potential and im diferent so this is where the definition mutant can be loosely applied but i respect those with any kind of mutation. From nural deversity to powers like teleportation.  anyway i seem to be a creator that runs on prana which means im a energy vampire of sorts. Creation is through intent and day dreaming but at the moment i have fledgeling skill. Besides creational abilitys i descover odd things about me. Like a odd inner knowing or how i startle people when i dont eat meat. My basic abilitys are 1) creation that must be strengthened in practice. 2) not able to pass untill my time. I seem to be even protected from my own hand. 3) inner knowing. 4) fledgeling telepathy that resembles empathy wich means i pick up emotions which are translated to thoughts. 5) perhaps be able to sneak and perhaps do native american mind trick to the point of invisability to others. When im over 6 foot. Then it gets odd. perhaps i can program myself to have powers.:/ well ...if i have enough prana .Starting with imortality that comes from age regression or stoped aging . then there is creation. Then there is actual potential powers.  question to self: Is it possible to recode dna with intent to get powers ? One time i actualy believed i can fly. Untill i fully woke. Finally i feel im one who naturaly switches dimentions. I felt like i was human when i was growing up. Now i might have potential in unusual things .I also feel im from a lower vibration dimention but im here a way Its a pleasure to be in super soldier reality. Each dimention i go to im increasingly a creator. If im of a species then my kind of being is most powerful at a high vibration and nutral level. So im not concerned about harming others if i do have official powers. I know its confusing but i had to write it down for myself . i believe in any ability others may claim. Im the type that would show up in a story as a limitless magician. Only confined by willpower and belief. Like gandolf in lord of the rings . Or as far as marvel it would be dr strange or adam warlock. If someone like dr strange is actually alive then thats awesome. i give much respect to mutants and hybrids. Even full entities that look human.

Side note: i seem to be developing a language i dont understand. It started in church due to how im raised and then i was in the starseed community. Then i also seen parcial tounge in harry potter. So far i identify this language as light language. Specifically reptilian mentioning because It may have to do with the alien side of super soldiers. Such as ananaki dna.

The following is an account of my milab side. Well what am i gonna say? I have a side that can go inbetween. Sometimes it seems like astral. Others resemble a dream. I had still shots of things like a galaxy map or point space. Point space is spheres making up a whole image. I saw it as point space making up reality.  Anyway i researched milab because i had a dream of being in a space ship hallway with a big window . i also seem to have alien contact via dream. Then i started looking at milab!  I had accidents like 1) talking about milab with austrailian astral soldiers. 2)  hearing a name which happens to be a mutant. They could be involved with the same astal projects as i am. The name was x 23. In that dream i was fighting with kind of a umbrakenesis/ solid shadow telekinesis. 3) i sparred beings in astral like energy vampire michelle belanger or a being resembling super soldier james casbolt. 4) army was at my house in a dream and they wanted to recruit me. They where pretty much breaking down my door. I thought there might be real military tracking of citizens. 5) last but not least i kind of had images with internal knowing .Not sure if i was remembering. One accident is feelings of cloning facilitys or a suit if armor like tron that i had a feeling i used it. 6) one of the  strangest examples is with astral but i just have a feeling about a dry place or planet. One time it was with pyrimids and sand but off world. Not only that ... i also woke up in a dream and i asked where i was. It was a dry place with huts like star wars. Well the answer i got was i was in the andromeda system.  So am i a milab or just creator being. ? Or just both . i guess i can use the term milab or super soldier loosly. I never been in the military but i guess one can be a sleeper soldier.  I still respect the real milab or supersoldiers . I bet they been threw alot.

Note on reality: i seem to funtion as a o neg person.  However the red cross says im o pos when a self test shows o neg most likely. Celtic and nordic decendant aka super soldier material plus anglo saxon. When the cops check on me they seem very careful and back off easy if im pissed. Im not a felon Wonder if they do that with everyone. i wonder if i have any warnings in the computer system or being activly tracked electronicly. I might have had attempted gang stalking by someone using " the wrong number". Last but not least i have a good reason to think its hard to be knocked out or passed out so i would hate to fight.

Anyway i guess my journey is not done and any abilitys are in development . maybe it will take astral training to know if im messed with by powers that be.  if i run into someone like a trusted pro reader i would like to know stuff like my files as well. Thanks for reading .

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