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Reply to "Interview with Anthony Zender"

@Saoirse posted:

Really appreciated this interview with Nate and Anthony, and the video some one made about it.   MILAB  survivor & MK ultra survivor.   My health and physical aptitude was compromised a great deal as a result.   As a Contactee, I've met various 'evil' aliens - Up close face to face  & Experimented on with exotic technology , including being placed on alternate timelines.  Was like Mandela effect on steroids.  Used for countless "missions" that began in childhood, including hours of astral training to undisclosed bases on and off-world locations. A few years ago when abducted  (these 'friends' were probably involved with the monarch program), they abducted & drugged me, removed and damaged some organs, &  performed a horrific genocidal rape/ritual.  Guessing they have done this to others who didn't live through it.  I think this is the kind of thing Anthony spoke about.  However, this is not the main memory that was 'triggered' after hearing the interview.  The memory that started coming to mind over the next few days involved a MILAB back in 1990, 1991, or 1992 - Possible record of this  linked to my emergency stay at the Hospital in VanBuren Arkansas .

when I read it, it was as if it was about me, I am also a contact person and I was in many other dimensions, always with the army, but I was always from a military formation, I remember the return and the officer who was next to me, I see it all the time and I remember, I remember these worlds and I remember a colony of people, a fight with these dogs, a huge fog on the ground, military megaphones that told me to stay at home, the attack of these dogs, I killed one of my hands without a weapon, I remember this attack and so far I do not understand how I managed it, now I know more but then I had a problem because when there was an attack, he bit off half of my left hand and I lost consciousness, when I woke up I was on a ship of gray creatures and they operated on me medically, I have traces of this operation, normally everything is visible in the sense of marks after opening my hand and closing, I also wrote yesterday about the mandela effect, this world is replication, they are replicating reality, this time already some 8-10 years back, everything is set back 8 years back

all I want today is to forget what I wanted


ssp  soldier 3 gen

dis-clo-zher humanity

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