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introducing eskrima. the filipino martial art.

i have found a interesting martial art called eskrima. from the filipino system of kali. it usually uses sticks and knifes to train but i guess it transfers to almost any weapon. i found out its very mobile and you can learn the basic escrima system in less then a year. like 3 months. so i would like to learn at least single and double stick. i will get to that when i can. its difficult to find a school that teaches it 4 times a week but two times a week might be good if you do it a bit. if you go all the way to empty hands i would attempt to learn limb distructions because a lot of those seem effective. a side not is it might help someone see angles of attack and bruce lee has said a slower student can become faster by learning how to see fast.

so here are a couple of motivational/information videos about escrima. / /

a fave video on why you should consider eskrima.

kali in movies. dont watch if your triggered by weapons or violence.

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