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Reply to "is umbrella corp and the umbrella academy actually related ?"

@Eclipse posted:
[snip] interesting how your attracted to this post when your not familiar with those franchises [snip]

Thanks for your detailed and informative replies, Eclipse, very much appreciated.

I have been mulling over your comment in the quote box above and agree that it is interesting. It's also quite curious as I am not exactly sure why I joined this forum or what I thought I might find. I guess I am just happy to open myself to new opinions and perspectives, as from what I could see from the site (supersoldiertalk) there is a great deal of openness and from what I have read and listened to so far here and elsewhere, although there seems to be a general understanding of many of the processes surrounding introduction to, and methodologies utilised in the various SSPs, and associated milab recruitment techniques, there also seems to be a great many individual variations and divergent experiences, most of these made more complex by the manipulation of time (the well-known '20 and back' for example), or time lines (which introduce almost unlimited complexity).

As I said earlier, I have no idea or knowledge of the various forms or types of Umbrella organisation(s), but when I watched the video link you suggested, I couldn't help but perceive that the umbrella logo representation was actually a representation of a Maltese Cross:


This itself, reminded me of some technology company logos which seemingly parallel various Masonic iconography:

Regarding 'rona triggers', there are rona "updates" on just about every page I look at, almost every store I visit and almost every time I turn on the TV, so if you have any trigger issues, my best advice would be to avoid everything

The Maltese Cross, as you are probably aware has a very long traditional association with knightly or chivalric orders and their corresponding secret societies, so although it might be far-fetched, just like the tech company logos alluded to above, the umbrella orgs might have some link or relationship with societies using the Maltese Cross as their emblem? Just a speculation, but as the military intelligence insider group known as 'Q' has stated, "Symbolism will be their downfall," and one way that this can be read is that they [cabal, hidden groups, off-worlders etc] just cannot appear to resist self-identification via symbols and emblems, and the usual practice is 'hiding in plain sight'. So a closer examination of the logo on the video link you shared above, or other umbrella organisation iconography might open up other avenues for research and deeper inquiry.

Your comment in the quote box above has been made more poignant over the last two days as while I have been thinking about it, a number of supposed synchronicities have occurred, not least of which was seeing a link to a Randy Cramer SSP video interview on a news aggregator site I use sometimes , and although I have heard his name before (recently on the afore-mentioned Johan Fritz interview), I haven't hitherto seen an interview with him, so there does seem to be circumstantial and coincidental circumstances which keep pointing me back to SSP-type environments and information.

I think this is more because I am interested in the subject and the possibilities of human potential rather than any personal experience I may have had within a SSP, as at this stage I certainly don't think I have been involved in any way, nor have I had any thoughts, dreams, tangible information or anything other than circumstantial aspects to make me consider that this is anything more than an area of personal research for me. That said, and in the spirit of broad-mindedness, I remain open and flexible to any new information. That, after all, is what an inquirer seeks to find - new information that improves and expands their understanding and world view. Ultimately, I suppose, I am looking to learn more about human potential and possibly unlock some additional knowledge, techniques or skills which broaden my perspective and hopefully have the potential to improve my daily life.

But hey, we never know, right?

Avatar picture from: with commentary - "Hanami Planum is the third largest geological feature on Ceres, after Vendimia Planitia and the Samhain Catenae. It extends over 345 miles (555 kilometers). This image shows familiar features, such as Occator Crater, characterized both by bright material inside the crater and dark ejecta material outside."

Bright inside? Dark ejecta outside? Hmm...

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