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Reply to "🤍⚪️Ive been wanting to do an Update Post on the Occurrences around here , for starters …"

Ive been trying to update . For now … surprisingly the local der Weinerschnitzel
had Veggie   Dogs : )))

They had 3 options .  I got the Vegan ,

Chicago Dog :

+ *  And For some reason the Title of this post thread was mocked in All caps , right above ⬆️

A grilled World Famous Original Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog in a hot, steamed bun topped with fresh tomato, fresh onions, pickle spear, relish, sport peppers, tangy French's mustard and sprinkled with celery salt just like in Chicago! All Chicago Dogs can be served with a hot dog that is World Famous Original, All-Beef or Polish   {  *+ V }. The Chicago Dog bun options include standard or pretzel. “

That description off the online menu - They had the Chicago as a Vegan option too .

… withe Kraut , thats how they say It   there.  I asked for when Vegan Chili , for the V Chili Fries , when coming  ?   :   )

I dont know why the text Is that large of a font . I didnt change It ( I dont know how to on SSF and I dont think You can ) .

Hopefully , I’ll get back to this post sooner than later . So much had Occurred around here .




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