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Reply to "🤍⚪️Ive been wanting to do an Update Post on the Occurrences around here , for starters …"

…. Please pardon the delay , so many things occurred . I havent had the space to write out all the events ( the last 4 Months here )  . However , the last thing that occurred ( with basically everytime I go to get Groceries around this ESA in Gardena , Ca ) . About 3 Days ago , I decided to go to another supermarket ( always a thing ) and I take the one bus there , … was fine . And go to this market and shop , fine … 3 heavy   bags . I Just missed the bus on a Friday rush hour ( which the bus runs every 20 minutes ) walking out  . The mobile bus schedule , says another one in 20 minutes , the X changed 2 X s . Then Canceled “ , taken off the mobile schedule ( as done before ) after an hour of waiting . This has occurred several times ( within 2 Years ) , along with :  hijacking’s of the buses , off the routes , and refusing to drop Me off at the bus stop rang for , rude bus drivers ‘     ( Humans ??)  . The Bus customer service are also rude ! All of Metro and surrounding City Bus Lines infected . The bus customer service person said the Bus was Canceled “ , and there will be another one in an hour  -Faggitory ( not necessarily ref. to homosexuals ) ! With the same  ones ! Familiars ( Kjv , My FamiLy , Humanity In GMOed ! ) I told them to F ‘ off .

I sat there for a minute , And decided , I was just going to leave the Groceries there too heavy , And walk back , My Life wasnt sustained .

I said My Goodbyes to The Sun … from there . And , I did leave the bags on the bench … And as turned around ,   leaving , in a flash , there was A Bus ! A few feet away from Me . Very unexpectedly . I took It was a sign of maybe Its Not My X and or Idled 💖⚪️

Also doing a Water Quality project around here . Decided to make a Water Filter diy  . Got a free test from Home Depot . The City also offers free test to send in and the HD one sends You an email with the Water test results . Made Activated Charcoal . Diy online recipes  , I suggest maybe You should be into . And if interested in My diy project pm Me and I can give You My fb page with the project post .

The Videos :

- Tinyhouse and off grid resources YT video for information . The Water Filter and Tap basin diy .

- leadfarmer73  diy Activated Charcoal recipe , information

Thrival as the focus Of Course  ! 💦⚪️🤍


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