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Reply to "James Casbolt Death Threat in Jail July 22 2017"

Casbolt is a very very intelligent extraordinary guy. 

Proven by the fact that ANY content research entered into Google is " key default " monitored.

Any mention of his names used will have your phone disabled and filed.

You have to go back through ALL the bases interviews and really listen to what Casbolt is ' Really ' exposing.

Casbolt is a billion pound hard drive to some extremely secret intel... and killing him off would upset some a few people .

I believe most of us that have been 'downloaded' have specific fields of intelligence.

Casbolt l believe is like the "quantum d wave" against us being a nano chip ..

Morph0genic Molecular Materiels user by Interstellar crafts 3034 l believe is my download field, ask 'Bot' the ballbearings of vacuuming magnetic gravity vooosh!..

I now sit and wait for GCHQ to "vape" the content following a file download off my phone... NEVER use laptops. . you believe it only has one Camera. . try three!...hidden in plain sight!

Truth... Peace..FIGU..