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Reply to "James Casbolt Death Threat in Jail July 22 2017"

J7 posted:

Casbolt is a very very intelligent extraordinary guy. 

Proven by the fact that ANY content research entered into Google is " key default " monitored.

Any mention of his names used will have your phone disabled and filed.

You have to go back through ALL the bases interviews and really listen to what Casbolt is ' Really ' exposing.

Casbolt is a billion pound hard drive to some extremely secret intel... and killing him off would upset some a few people .

I believe most of us that have been 'downloaded' have specific fields of intelligence.

Casbolt l believe is like the "quantum d wave" against us being a nano chip ..

Morph0genic Molecular Materiels user by Interstellar crafts 3034 l believe is my download field, ask 'Bot' the ballbearings of vacuuming magnetic gravity vooosh!..

I now sit and wait for GCHQ to "vape" the content following a file download off my phone... NEVER use laptops. . you believe it only has one Camera. . try three!...hidden in plain sight!

J7, how can you research yourself? Online on government birth records, it says I was born in North Hollywood, CA. Wrong, I was born in Los Angeles CA,     Queen of Angels hospital. Online Los Angeles County Register, taking off a company I was trying to open (1996 The Mood and Light Co.) several years after (2010), checking into it online, then my record removed a couple of days after checking into it again. Several years later my bank Chase  (customer service for a normal bank issue) at the time, asked me about my company, by name, that never functioned or is on the LA County Regrister database anymore. Where did they get this info from? The Writers Guild same thing, taking my "protected" screenplays (2) and poems (1999 ~2004), erased from their records. No intellectual property protected, as paid for. Writers Guild claimed that they were better and easier than the Library of Congress for copyright protection. They retracted and said that the intellectual property is only good for 5 years, after I registered with them. Library of Congress for 100 years (which I knew already) and they don't 'erase' your work. What are the resource(s) that have the true information and records? I want to know what else is said or recorded wrong about me. Or correct. What is the source that Peter from ACIO access? Can I access this myself from my phone? Thanks to anyone for any info in this regard. Very much appreciated! Peace ��

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