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Reply to "James Casbolt Death Threat in Jail July 22 2017"

My post won't post on your ssf website. Extreme technocraticle difficulties
in posting and sending this email. Hope and wish All is well with you All
and everyone in SSF. This is the post. "I don't know what to do?":

now staying in Los Angeles from my road trip with my children and ex from
Brookline, MA. (@2 weeks ago). We decided to stay and move back to LA. in
Manhattan Beach. For now hoteling it. Very precarious with my whole Family
from extreme targeting (very overtly programed and implanted acting and
sounding) Very apathic. I'm in a spiritual dilemma. Sitting outside in a
popular hotel chain and I witness something disturbing, in 3d while having
a cigarette out in ln front, in a designated area for that off to the side
of the main entrance. I saw a child slumped over luggage, sitting on a
child's car seat about 6-7 years old. As he was carted, rolling on big
luggage dolly/cart. He looked abused, dehydrated, limp, lifeless and like
pizzagate look and Empathe feeling. I mentioned to a couple of girls (about
mid to late twenties) that, that child didn't look well. One laughed and
said yes, and made a vile joke that "they will give him a doughnut" and
laughed it off. Literally, within 5 minutes delivery, for one
(looked like a small pizza box), a liter of lemon/lime soda.......very big
commercial pizza company, with a darker red signage/logo. And baphomet
(one of his/her familair looks as a human look and 'soul ID marker feeling'
is the bar tender at the tent bar infront of the entrance. Didn't want to
make a scene. Didn't have my phone to contact my ex upstairs with my three
children (20, 16, and 14). So I went upstairs to my ex. He was 'sleeping',
within 40mins of leaving him awake in the room. Woke him up saying it's an
emergency. He wasn't alarmed.....he played it off.....I wanted him to come
outside the room so I can ask him how I should proceed?? He was responsible
for putting me in the hospital several times. I ended up telling him in
bathroom of our room (he insisted). He didn't care. Then I said, lets ask
our son (20 years old) what we should do? Both Apathetic! Program
sounding!!!! Not making sense at all. My girls not saying a thing
basically. He told me not to say anything!!!!!! My conscience is not
letting go. When I went back down....... I noticed the insinuation of the
child same clothing, look , kinda playing with another girl child. He/they
(the abused child), was only three people when they arrived. Don't know if
he was resuscitated literally, as a restored active child. It was
definitely evil abuse I saw. I'm constantly in 'their'/evil faces online
regarding especially, pedo/pizzagate. It's getting really hard core here.
What do I do? I don't want to end up in the hospital/incarceration scenario
again. As also covertly indicated by my ex. Totally rude about it. I truly
feel, it wouldn't be a good sign as to the state of affairs at this time in
the End Time if I was again, imprisoned from this pov as well. What do I do?