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Reply to "Any Ideas?"

Angela and Stellar awesome info!

very interesting information, makes more sense about what is going on here in South Africa, there is such a deep and low vibration here.

No wonder things are so rough at times and drawn out to overkill....

Will have to try to generate some lightning maybe the best to expel the lower vibrations in this country, its old shit from primitive states of consciousness, and this does not necessarily mean there is a higher awareness, and some who are trying very hard to stay above this negative cloud...

"many synchronicities with my life and with many of my friends, we use a range of alchemical materials in our home and charge them with heart/love energy to protect us. We also have to place a bubble of reflective energy around us when we are going to be with energy vampires that drain us. The veil is thinning between the physical and spiritual realm and spirit movement is becoming more and more visible."

"When an entity comes up out of the ground-from a lower density- they need energy to materialise in this world. So they suck energy from high energy beings like us and that's when you experience a cold spot or event. Afterall temperature is just  transfer of energy.

On the otherhand a being that comes from a higher density needs to expel energy and that's why Thor is the God of lightming and why lightning is around when other gods appear in myths."

Thanks Much for the info!