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Reply to "Any Ideas?"

Interestingly your story made me remember something that happened in my eldest daughter's early childhood. I was a new mum and I had not been around any other babies. One night she started to cry and I know I had done everyhing, So my hubby said maybe she needs a cuddle. I picked her up and she was cold to touch. I held her until she became warm but she has had problems with this all her life. She can't feel when she is cold.

But I believe that in your case your energy was being drained by an entity but you fought back lading to a high fever, this proves you are an old soul because you survived.

When an entity comes up out of the ground-from a lower density- they need energy to materialise in this world. So they suck energy from high energy beings like us and that's when you experience a cold spot or event. Afterall temperature is just  transfer of energy.

On the otherhand a being that comes from a higher density needs to expel energy and that's why Thor is the God of lightming and why lightning is around when other gods appear in myths.

I didn't need to speak until 2yrs as I was telepathic and empathic too. Then I spoke in complete sentences too. And I learnt to read by 4yrs by reading my parents minds whilst they were reading.

People drain me. I have learnt to put up 6 forcefields around me just to be able to cope. I took them down once in a rock music concert and this old woman just stared at me. She could see ME. So I smiled at her.

I made my own City buster orgone generator. And I did it low tech. Get aluminium pie cases and cut into long 5 mm wide strips. Twist these clockwise. Put all these in a metal biscuit tin. Add copper, one penny coins. English coins are only copper pre 1940ish. You can use copper wire from old electrical goods too. Add quartz crystals or amethyst or smoky quartz. Or whatever you feel is right for your area. Mix and put in love. Every now and again send it love from the heart. I had all these on hand and put it together, as I had no money at the time but I didn't let that stop me.

Basically you are making an oak tree. As that is what trees do for us-keep our world orgone positive and ions negatively charged. Himalayan salt lamps will help with charging the ions too.


Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)