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Reply to "Mefeen hybrids"

I must be a hybrid. 3 types apparently. I wasn't too happy when I found out I was part of the Beast bloodline. The other two are alright they have me saved on tons of occasions. Just don't growl at me, lol. I try to be good and follow the Way of Love, keep the 10 commandments, etc. Help out when I can and with what I can. (With my health issues it's getting less and less lately. I am becoming more specialised though.)


But all I am saying us, I know these Mefeen are viscious gits and you need to get them before they get you but the video on Dante's website (that unfortunately he took off) was quite obviously an alien. The bent knees I saw, if seen in humans would make walking impossible.

Even EDS knees would never be THAT bent. And I don't believe that any Mefeen essence would be in an EDS sufferer (it could be in individuals though). It is purely a connective tissue disorder and a genetic mutation that is centuries old and not a skeletal disorder. EDS causes other problems too, like double jointedness (in layman's terms) and eye problems, ligaments too stretchy, in fact anywhere there is connective tissue.

According to Dante this bent knee thing can happen well after birth, often in childhood, when the victim is abducted and it is very painful. So the victim is born normal, then becomes abnormal. The knee is reformed.

It sounds gross.

The alleged Mefeen I saw, had shapeshifted into a woman in a supermarket. I am pretty sure she was one, as the knee was bent totally backwards and no sign of crutches. (I just hope she wasn't following us lol).  No pictures, I'm afraid, as I was with my family and we were rushing to get food.


I didn't mean to stir up anything up, just trying to save the life of a fellow EDS sufferer, lol.

Keep safe.


(I'm not Angela Power Disney.)