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Reply to "Michael J Spinler"

A strange event happened last night august 28, 2014


mcmichaels is the only one with my master codes


too much info


do not tell - spinler


is that what your brain is telling you? - nate grey


afirmative project ypx


delta 44 delta 666 delta delta.... omega red is dead like fred - spinler


omega red is a communist - nate grey


was.... was a communist - spinler


now what is he? - nate grey


surrounded.- spinler


what did the message you sent me mean - nate grey


44 detal 666


next morning august 29th


i had a room full of demons last night - spinler 


What did they look like and do?- nate grey


dark cloaked figures blocking the light fromn the window and the mirror getting within inches of me and leering at me like i was a bad bad boy. to which i laughed and went to bed like a baby - spinler



im sick of them doing this


its sad i have to watch my own videos just to relearn shit ive learned 10 times before - spinoler