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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."

Yes, My interview is on Avalon's Youtube Channel:


I WISHED I knew this about Kerry. Another researcher told me on the phone that she did this to a few other ppl. That one of them caused her to go into hiding as she was in danger.


I made it completely solidly known to her that I had to remain anonymous for the safety of my family and myself as well as my Career as I still do Gov. Contracting as well as have a security clearance that are all on the line. It takes one phone call to remove me from the vendor/contractor list and to remove my clearance. She KNEW this and because I would not grant her an interview "Outed Me" out of anger.


In Skype she exploded into a reactionary rant that it too late, the info is out there that TPTB already know who I am, that there is no one to really hide from, etc... It was nuts! I kept a log of the chat and told her I would release it to everyone and ruin her credibility with future "Whistle blowers" who might interview or come to her with inside info. She really blew up at that point. And changed her screen name in skype... It changes in mid conversation and she says my screen name is different so they won't believe you. It was crazy people!


So, I almost believe she is a clone but do certainly believe she is being handled. I know the first time I gave her info she had someone "Look" into me. It was one of the people that did the first RI Attacks on me in the beginning of this.


She removed my full name and changed it to "CG" on the web page of Project Camelot, but my full name still appears several times in the actual Video Interview of Part III Cpt. Mark Richards on her site.


It was one heck of a Veterans Day for me yday. I already had a email from a co-contractor asking me to tell them about the "Green Skinned Women".


So when all is said and done I think her emotional reaction is going to cost me quite a lot!

I really wish I had known this about her... Thanks for the info about the others...

 I am of Native American lineage and come from a unique Native American Spiritual, Christian and Eastern Philosophy background.

20+ Years Experience in Security/IT Virtualization Engineering Field
Prior Experience: IT Security & Communications
Banking Industry - Federal Reserve Bank & 4 "Other Banks both "National" and International". Big Pharma Industry (3rd Largest Company)

E4 Army C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence) & SAP's from (****-****), Federal & State: NIMS/FEMA/DHS Cert's. Former Counter Electronic Surveillance, Risk Assessment, Executive Protection & Asset Hardening Consulting.


Heavy Navy Family Background & Participation in Programs since the age of 4/6-17, MILAB.

"Federation Earth Delegation" & "Secret Space Program Participant" 1987 - ("20 & Back").