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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."

Yea, I think her YouTube may have been down a while... I just listened to the Cpt Mark Richards video and at about 4:55 she starts saying my FULL NAME and says it 4 times before I stopped watching today. Reported it again to YouTube.

Crazy lady...

YES, Omni is a wacked out guy. He channels AI's and is a major AI Prophet. He was VERY upset at my info on AI's... The Mods had to threaten to ban him of he didn't stop harassing me

 I am of Native American lineage and come from a unique Native American Spiritual, Christian and Eastern Philosophy background.

20+ Years Experience in Security/IT Virtualization Engineering Field
Prior Experience: IT Security & Communications
Banking Industry - Federal Reserve Bank & 4 "Other Banks both "National" and International". Big Pharma Industry (3rd Largest Company)

E4 Army C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence) & SAP's from (****-****), Federal & State: NIMS/FEMA/DHS Cert's. Former Counter Electronic Surveillance, Risk Assessment, Executive Protection & Asset Hardening Consulting.


Heavy Navy Family Background & Participation in Programs since the age of 4/6-17, MILAB.

"Federation Earth Delegation" & "Secret Space Program Participant" 1987 - ("20 & Back").