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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."

Yea, they had a bunch of people infiltrate and cause problems around then. They have loosened up recently.


You can still click on the links and view the info as a guest. No membership required. LOTS of info there.


I had a big blow out w/Kerry C. From Project Camelot, she totally outed my real name on her web site on the new CPT Mark Richards Interview. She finally removed my name from the web site but left it in the video interview. I have been wrapped up in that for several hours today...


I hope you do at least visit the links I provided and view them as a guest...

 I am of Native American lineage and come from a unique Native American Spiritual, Christian and Eastern Philosophy background.

20+ Years Experience in Security/IT Virtualization Engineering Field
Prior Experience: IT Security & Communications
Banking Industry - Federal Reserve Bank & 4 "Other Banks both "National" and International". Big Pharma Industry (3rd Largest Company)

E4 Army C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence) & SAP's from (****-****), Federal & State: NIMS/FEMA/DHS Cert's. Former Counter Electronic Surveillance, Risk Assessment, Executive Protection & Asset Hardening Consulting.


Heavy Navy Family Background & Participation in Programs since the age of 4/6-17, MILAB.

"Federation Earth Delegation" & "Secret Space Program Participant" 1987 - ("20 & Back").