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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."

I used to remember my abductions, even lucid in them. When they finally caught on i began getting the drugs. 

I have been used by just about every faction out there since i was small. The first thing i remember is being trained for priestess for ritual sacrifice. They had me doing this since i was about 8 years old. This was for the mantid ets. I worked the hollywood set. I remember cher, the osmonds, nicole richey,and  host of others, including beautiful nords. Nords doesn't seem teh right word but the only one i can locate. I can't remember shit these days. 

I;ve been in battles on other planets, other realities, timelines, etc. Recon on dead planets. The planets these fucks were on before coming ot earth. i had to search for any sign of life and kill what was there. I like working alone anyway. I've been in my own cloned bodies made for battle. I would love to stay in one of those bodies!!  

The last few years it has been ritual sex rites and i hate them in ways that cannot be voiced. 

I have disney programming as well. My clones are all over the hollyweird business and partying wiht teh presidents etc. lol 

I have found myself transporting, accompanying huge numbers of clones from one spaceport to another.

I can physically manifest things and they put some kind of governor on that when i was very small. I could fill a tank full of gas by just thinking it and i did at times. Once was a dire emergency, traveling in a snow storm and no stations opened. I felt the adults fear so i fixed teh problem. I just didn't know about the gas gauge, i was 3. lol Found a place open adn the guy said, i can't put any gas in your's full. lolol so funny 

The hangovers from the scopolamine the last so many years has ruined my life. Always at the worst time...wake up sick as hell and can't move until it passes. This is the longest i've gone without one tho. Maybe it's over, or wishful thinking.