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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."

I know where  a person is coming from if they channel or follow channeling. All nasty lower astrals and demons. True ets will contact you directly or thru telepathy. 

Anyway, the stress...omg!! It is beginning to sound like the stresses are from surgical strikes on individuals, programmed just for their buttons. Left ear sounds like jets taking off much of the time and then the scream.

I was kicked off a forum recently for the very same reason. These people are plants to keep truth from being told. 

They think they are winning. I mean who the hell was in a race to begin with.....shit heads. lol 

Ol camelot  boy is a reptilian. That is what is wrong with the people working with or for him. 

They have had us in i guess what can only be called training scenarios. like underwater and no way out and having ot rescue some thing or one. Very cruel. They waterboarded, drowned me in teh peter pan programming. so i don't like water except to stay clean.

I don't really know what to do about peeps like omniverse. I know what i would like to do, but hey.....they are never worth it. 

These things are happening for us....we are in another separation. This is why much of this is happening.Not all.....