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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."



Thanks for filling me in. I was only acquainted with his good side. It sounds like his mind is compromised by some A.I. technology, or brainwashing, or mind-control for him to be that irrational. Hopefully he will learn and become wiser. 

I'll look through the threads more, Omni is writing a lot now...

I wonder if BR is Kerry's handler? Kerry is a total beeyotch for doing that, and / or something is not clicking in her brain. Bill has an army of followers. He just looks like a normal fallible human being to me though.


I heard Mods were triggering abductees on that forum. And I thought I had negative programming triggered in me the month I joined that place, it was an inexplicable change of heart, very odd. I emailed you about this.


I read about your wife's post about the scientology thing. Hmm, suspicious, but you guys seem very moral and respectable. 


GoodET you are the man to go to for info and advice, no wonder everyone is all over you lol. Everyone will be okay, it's not your job to take care of everyone. Your wife wrote you meditate before helping people through skype about their experiences. That's awesome! If only more people were like you. 


I'm checking out the newsletter now, I missed it. 


You gave out a lot of very detailed information. It gave me some relief. I kept falling asleep listening to your impromptu interview, so I will just listen to it tonight. You had me at pirate ship dreams.