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Reply to "MILAB, Alien Federation & Secret Space Program Participant."

Originally Posted by bluemetal:
Originally Posted by eevie:

damn that ominiverse peep is a royal pain in the ass and has no care for learning anything. Just wants to argue and show what he, she does not know. Reminds me of a lot of atheists who are hung up on their mental intellect. ha Left brained dumbasses.

If you are referring to the guy who uses the forum handle Omniverse and has his own blog about ET and black ops manipulation and technology, I have to chime in here. He is a good soul. He is sincere and makes good music. Music uses your right brain, tunes you into deeper parts of your soul. So you are incorrect to use associative terms like "Left brained dumbasses."


I happened to have caught this "Omniverse" in several lies... They would say "I channel ET Technology and AI's on their Blog, I would quote it and they would call me a liar and say they do not do that... They argued and called me names and stalked me on the Forum and on Skype and Email... It was Beyond crazy... I They followed me through thread to thread trying to bait me into debates. When I copied and pasted their own words from their blog onto the Forum they got very pissed and then went and edited their Blog and then came back and attacked me. The Moderators had to tell them to back off or be banned... When I left Avalon he celebrated in open Forum like he had won the Olympics... then sent me emails saying AI's will always win over Human Intellect... "Say What???" Yea, very class act and Right Brain thinker...


On that note, and the whole not of Project Avalon in general. They have lost 5 Moderators in the last 5 days (One his Spouse who he lost because of his current psychological State of mind) due to Bill Ryan going through a paranoid witch hunt. He was asked by me and a couple other well known people to walk back his MILAB statements and he responded with his 18 page Project Avalon News Letter completely dedicated to MILAB's being Dangerous and Malfunctioning Weapons. He used Duncan O. and James/Eve with out their permission to support his position that all Milab's are all dangerous. They followed up with emails to members telling them not to talk to MILAB's saying "MILAB's Have Suicide Triggers and We are expecting Some Triggered MILAB Attacks against Project Avalon in the near future. Several of the former MOD's that recently left and 2 of the current MOD's have been emailing me the antic's of Bill just about daily since his "Mental Blow Up".


It has been very upsetting to see so many people taken down because of one person's Ego... One of the current MOD's has told me that BR is locked and loaded with a response to any "Attacks" that may come from me or my blog...


So because he had a problem with me, yes... he has Attacked all Milabs and Defaming them as Dangerous and Malfunctioning Weapons... He has pushed forward with those statements and even has a "Pet Milab" that he is using to push forward with his agenda.


The other MILAB and Ufology Researchers I have spoken to have referred to this as the "Curse of Camelot", which turned out to be the "Curse of Bill Ryan" all along...


I admit I am not happy w/things right now. I had 34 MILAB's that were seeking help and about to seek councilmen from James/Eve but now are all back sliding in their drinking, drugs and other problems... And contacting me at all times of the night. I am trying to help them and get them to the correct counsellors as I am not equipped to help them. It is not an easy task... It was moving along quite well before the Attacks from PA's Founder... Sorry if this seemed like a rant... but a lot of stress has been brought on because of this situation.



 I am of Native American lineage and come from a unique Native American Spiritual, Christian and Eastern Philosophy background.

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Heavy Navy Family Background & Participation in Programs since the age of 4/6-17, MILAB.

"Federation Earth Delegation" & "Secret Space Program Participant" 1987 - ("20 & Back").