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Reply to "milab study/general discussion: bases, dreams, projects, and connect the dots"

I know , if I remember I wouldnt be able to motion Upwards n Forward most of the time , if the Circumstances required  . Im definitely ,    a s.c.a.r.e.d.y. c.a.t. .

However , have natural Affinity with going on hikes ' .. and mortal athlectics n Arts before .. I would have Loved to been able to Travel extensively  .

Its obvious the extremities as counterintuitive.. I dont know Truly in that regard now .  Too much , I want to do an extensive Post - Thread on whats occurring in Los Angeles right Nows  .  Grand scale Technology thats was also Abnormal Paranormal , as I recorded before - Beyond Beliefs  .  Also totally like GhostBusters Movie | Feature , Serious  . LaBrea Tar Pitts Not Good for Children around here or Anywhere Apparently .    《{ I want to Be with My Family too . I havent seen or heard frome My own Children since September 2018 ( almost 2 Years ) ALL here in Los Angeles too even  , Supposedly  } 》 . Especially at the Park ! They completely Obliterated LACMA Los Angeles County Museum- Even removed the Signs ! Freaking Devils Mindz - attached to Humanity n walking Everywhere  ! Crap Everywhere . A Gargoyle, is on top of this building now too ! I took many Pictures .

+* ThanksGivings there is Humanity Love Anchored here : on this Street n area , SmartFinal , RiteAid ( both looked boarded Up from The Main Street view , like maybe they ve seen some rough times  . ) , Ralphs , 99cent Store , IHOP was Open , n a Mexican Cafe on Wilshire Boulevard has been Open the whole time Ive been here .   * Oh , Walgreens was Open however , completely boarded Up . And The Korean Arts Center down the block seemed active too . I am Airbnbeing   it , so to speake  . Ive been trying to stay Normal , cooking and baking , .. having a few drinks here n there .. Quit smoking cigs for over a week now though , watching soap videos n short docs ... the usual . No TV . That should be utilized for Humanity  Respect n Rescue ! Somehow , You ALL . I dont know how the small Mom n PoPs Stores are doing it . I saw a Cannabis Store across the Street frome the 99 Cent on Wilshire . Please Be Safe  and Easy And Salved +🤍 BetterBe   Okayed .

Also remembering  that Gary Numan song I posted about here in SSF recently  . Down At the Park . With the lyrics .  Probably Not Good to Post that Post - Thread I was debating . Maybe My written account is enough . IDK PLmk . I dont want to s.c.a.r.e. You ALL ) + 💟


OnLy in Good Appreciation and Gratitude . ForeverInfinity Humanity        ~ ALL Creation Transmutated ( unaffected ) . I m HopenWishing We ALL can be in Complimentry Freedom and Liberty . Perpetual PeaceLove JesusChristLord And ALL Loves Names , Its Creations Story as WeLLer . Resoundingly still and steady Progressively . BetterBe corrected in Better , Betterment  +🤍


* Additional details 

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