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Reply to "Music video: science, cymatics, and vibration"

Cymanics....I have been looking for someone to speak to of these things.
IDK how to use this Forum so well and pray that nothing I wanted to keep personal with my responses went public. 
What is I show you a drawing...can you show me the sounds, frequencies, etc, etc, that it makes?

I am writing my own Autobiography called Holy Holly Enoch 11 Book and this is My Introduction....
In the beginning YAHWEH created everything and then about 5734 years later on September 12, 1974 at approximately 8:16 PM in New Jersey, United States of America I was born.
I am an Uberman created by Josef Mengele, who was nicknamed The Angel of Death in WWII. I am a Super Soldier from Black Operations and the Secret Space Program. Special Forces trained me as a child, and I served from the time I was born until December 2011. The Deep Underground Military Bases and above ground Government facilities that I recall are Nelson Canada, Camp Hero Montauk NY, somewhere in Texas, and the other facilities I am still recalling the names and locations thereof.
I am from Project IBIS. As well as I was used in Project Alpha, Delta, Omega, Looking Glass, Seagate, Monarch, and Mannequin, etc.
My greatest fear is that these Black Projects of MKUltra Programming, Mind Control Slaves and Super Soldiers are all still ongoing and fully supported by our tax dollars!
They select children, kidnap them and perform trauma based torture techniques on them until they die. If they do not die, they are farmed out to other government and military organizations, controlled by wealthy, powerful families to become Super Soldiers like myself. Our children are being murdered at the hands of those in power above us, all around the world. I wish to shut down these projects and save our kidnapped kids and trafficked humans from these atrocities of human experimentation and mind control at the hands of the Illuminati and Elite Families.
My story is a very common one. I was just fortunate enough to wake up, deprogram and get right with YESHUA HA MASHIACH before it is too late. I went from being a Satanic Super Soldier straight into a Walk with YAHWEH. I am grooming currently to be a Disciple to YESHUA HA MASHIACH.
I came forward publicly July of 2016 when Max Spiers was assassinated. Throughout my book, I cannot give specific names of Super Soldiers I recall as I will always protect the other children I was trafficked along with! This book is my personal journey and testimony of what I specifically recall on assignments and missions. I can tell you what it was like to wake up from MKUltra Programming. Please keep in mind that I am still currently retrieving recalled memories from my Super Soldier days. My “awakening” and deprogramming began December 2014.
I pray that by me coming forward, it will help you and your research. Most paramount, may this book go to help other victims.
~~~~~ABOUT MY LIFE~~~~~
I married YESHUA HA MASHIACH by Meek Jonathan Cahn in Jerusalem Center during the Festival of Lights December 12, 2014.
I dedicated and got Re~Saved, Born~Again, by Meek Paul Begley March 2015, when Meek Bibi Netanyahu came to the USA.
I was baptized by Meek Russ Dizdar & SIIU Team on September 26, 2015.
My gifts from YHVH are Sight and Prophecy Dreams.
YHVH is leading me to the gifts of Deliverance and Healing Hands. 
I AM YOUR WATCHMAN and SERVANT TO YHVH, Ephesians 1:13-14.
I am a Prayer Warrior at Paul Begley's Prophecy website. 
Currently, I am writing my autobiography named, Holy Holly Enoch 11 Book. 
I am studying to become Ordained and studying how to work with Law Enforcement to find kidnapped kids and trafficked humans, to bring them back home, and help them recover, living a quality life. I plan to bring the fallen ones, who hurt those kids to justice.
I am an Augmented/Super Soldier and Targeted Individual who plans not to squander my spiritual gifts and personal experiences when they can help someone else repair and recover in YESHUA HA MASHIACH'S Name. 
*Do you know what a Super Soldier is?* If not, you are behind the education curve and should definitely pray to have the scales of indoctrination drop from your eyes.