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Reply to "my 20 year and back investigation: kids living in the county building!"

For everyone: I FOUND A MKULTRA PAPER TRAIL. in 2 parts. Part 1) MEDICAL MEMORY i remembered i was sent to get my tonsils taken out. In the 3rd grad or so.  It was odd looking back. It seemed late for the physical ssp service but maybe its milab/ultra dropping in. To keep tabs. i will tell you why in a nut shell 1. When i was waiting a nurse came around and asked me what i was getting. she didnt ask about tonsils at first. She assumed it was something else. She could have just been running her mouth. Hmm 2. when i was in there they where afraid the flavor of the gas i chose wasnt enough. Well whats wrong with strawberry? Maybe they wanted me out cold! Good luck with that 3. the nurse took my stuffed animal and waved with its paw as she took it to the room. It was a alf i owned. Of course i brought a alien with me. :/ However was that a mk ultra tactic?  4. They knocked me out long enough to do implants. But i dont know 5. in recovery they taught me about the blood color in the hospital room. when elites love body fluid. Who cares if its new or old blood!? Morons. do kids even bleed in tonsil recovery? 6. Before i left they threw me in a wheel chair when i could walk. I thought that was odd. 

Part 2) THE PAPER TRAIL. well the hospital in question here was lakewood hospital. From the tonsil removal episode. I couldnt find much... But Then i discovered there was mind control going on via the local paper. Google also had a link to a neuro surgeon. i looked into him even though im not sure he messed with me. this surgeon went to the ohio state university which is actually listed as a mkultra site. then i thought i might have a hit! well i looked up google images and you wont believe what i saw. A guy with a german hat and antlers. Hope i dont have to explain that. May not be him but i think It was from his old social media.  he is also from the same area as the photographer studio. I will follow up with  Links for proof. I hope the articles dont trigger anyone because I have yet to read the articles. I dont advise terminating this person wether or not its behind my back but most of you have a bunch of controll after all this time. @Stormm you said if i could find something that chances are good im in a black program. is this the kind of thing your talking about? Any thoughts on this? sorry to keep mentioning everyone but  @Nate YPX Grey @eevie @Holly Baglio you may find this comment interesting reading. Since i could connect the dots.


- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

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