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Reply to "The dream log. Home of dreamers, milabs, and the gods of thunder"

Hi my name is daniel . I am a prophet and have the bloodline of Thor. The god of thunder.

I am psychic, i channel, i am a healer of healers am physicaly fit always . I do not get ill i havent had flu or cold . And i get downloads of inventions . Weapons, free energy, body armour. And dimentional travel devices and also working on healing machines and methods. Trained in combat from age of 5 physically on this planet and trained in astral.

Fully able to do telekinesis , flying, getting through government astral weapons and receiving info in astral.

I have a youtube channel called being iwe.

I have been in all this mystical life all my life.

Hope i can meet some people like me.

And i also have a plan so meeting new info people would be great for hummanity.

Love is the one and the law