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Reply to "What are your dream powers/weapons of choice?"

What are You fighting for Anyway ?         I Know How to Fight "| But I dont believe in War Ever ! As First Blood Cosmic Yin when I awoke with a Light Saber Sword In My Hand before a Planet was even Created  . Supposedly first Warrior that way . Now stylistically speaking Im mostly Aikido with Spiritual Purpose Only ( As ALways n Usual ) ! - And it BetterBe worth it in an Entertaining way too ! - IF Impositioned . So I put comedy n pun intended into it too , to make it Worth it . 

I never liked Boxing too . I dont think beating People down is a sport ! I think it should be based on style n points ,   4 corner format with protective gear ! N the Heavyweight vs. The other Heavyweight  . Not the Heavyweight against the Lightweight . Human Mortal fragile doing it is more Real and sexy'/alive . Its beyond Pathetic to do that to a more fragile and sensitive Person , what does that prove ! That You are walking n talking Problem NOT fun to be around n NOT of Society Civilization And Really have to be quarantined or in a Mental Case n or held down in InKarma/finite already !

Id rather be watching Cooking shows, listening to Music , Arts.. as an Individual N Always Being with My Husband N Family , My Children -  Humanity Sovereign is Firstly .  Who have been hyjacked n excommunicated from   Me !

I dont believe in Fighting - I believe in Karma to evil mindz Not of Flesh " however Illegally attached Ours ! Its beyond stupid And in a Pain machine isnt what Living is about ! Obviously its not the baseline However , looking like it  . Its SO Serious - Cant You tell ? We are about to be swallowed down Not ever to get out of P. H*ll ! Macro Universe Affected ! Existence isnt a game .

This Morning I woke up with somebody touching and moving the Positive Plus symbol I Purposely taped CENTRAL on The Tapestry On Top of My Bed while I was sleeping .  So many times sombodies '  taking n vexing       ( get this , even a Peanut Butter jar from my pantry here ) . Its so pathetic Loser cheeseball Mentality too . These Peeps are supposedly Rich , sex drugs in Rock Roll even ! Is this worth for fighting for a f ' d down stupid evil.  World ?

You cant even go to sleep in Peace or have Peanut Butter in Your Pantry if You wanted to !  ?? Because its the same  ones ' for Trillions of Years Full Circle Finite already !     Shut It Down . 

Then maybe it would of World of fun , games n smiles ....

Practice Martial Arts And Law Enforcement or something Under The Father , God n Goddess  - Providence | Humanity , Appropriated  . Human perspective POV . Respect is the baseline of Existence  - Allowing Love tobe InLove Existence  ! Good Appreciation and Gratitude as the Baselines .

Do You think evil and negative RuLes  n Ruled Only is the Baseline of Existence n  Life ? Evil is backward spelled frome   Live !

+🤍 YinYang Harmony Balance must be Respected  Nows ! JesusChristLord And ALL Loves Names InLoveExistence OnLy !

Invictus Adoramus Amore                      ~ Adoramus Invictus Amore  !

Love Conquers (ed) ALL !                   

The Great Recline And Resolve -

Decline the Crime | Criminals trolls/evil peeps ' dictating Design of Civilization And Existence  .

Humanity Platform Plateau .





* Notice how the Positive sign is shabby too . It wasnt how I made it  !


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