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Reply to "What are your dream powers/weapons of choice?"

Esclispe there is no reason to fight unless there are consenting People there n its for recreation with Purposes - And is with Good sportmanship too . Women And Children .. n This Planet ( many Planets n ALL Universe ) - The Mother Planet of Love should have of Never been in the mix , EVER ! 

I was able to fight ' ( lucifer , baphomet n even Yahweh allowed Me to Mess with Him  .  SomeOne Apparently  Appropriated It ) with My Minds Eye , Pineally  . I think they were psyoping who I am that way now at this point . 

THE reason I came back here , I have to post another ridiculously scary ' occurrence that happened just now :

Yesterday I went to the market spent @$90 on EBT . I picked up some unsweetened made Tea ( about @32oz ) in the refrigerator to mix with my Lemonade    my usual Arnold as in Palmer .    However , the Tea Not there in my   fridge !  [ disgressing : Along with the Positive Plus glyph removed n displaced on my bed on top of me while Im Asleep ( ? ) , which I wrote about above , N other crazy things ' too . Totally looking like its falling apart quickly , Astrophysically Diseases showing it too  ] Not on my receipt but ,  I went ahead to tally my receipt anyway ( now on my newish  phone calculator doesnt allow You total more the 100 characters ) . N the receipt is off too by a dollar n some cents . I did it 2 times n 2 sets . N now I have to go back to the National Chain Supermarket to buy my Ice Tea again n ask about how n why the           receipt is off  ??  !

Question : Is it worth it to be in a WorLd that is Not Ruled by the Respect Divine Law in Order n Rule of Law of ALL Powers .

Obviously Not . 

Rambunctious Peeps can be in Ombre hombre ' Fashion elsewhere Appropriated  !  Good Above - So below n Vice Versa  .


**** OhMy Goodness this was a whole ordeal to post too . I went to another screen to check Gematria n this post was lost for about an hour . Off my clipboard notes too . Whao somehow they got it back . Thank Yous ! I am Hoping Worth It ! I felt like I didnt want to be here anymore . Anyway HopenWishing its fixed with Humanity Divine Union ! +🤍

Dubouzet Protocol There is OnLy One Kingdom In The Universe  - Providence


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