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20190913_184216As promised , I said I would post more info on Biblical references to Kaneh bosm  , Cannabis . I took Pics of my notes from a very long video I saw a few months ago . They should show better if zoomed in . I am on my 5th day of not smoking Kaneh Bosm or Tobacco  , Yay !!!!!!  )))))                 

- Even though I'm still in pain on n off      ( however getting better ) with that ear n teeth thing  , I posted about on the Astral  monsters ' thread . It could be a tooth abscesses n infection too ( which I took 2 antibiotics for the ear thing , however that didnt get the job done  )  N maybe its  that something- somebodies thing too ( is what I truly believe n was told telepathically n saw in astral n in  Pineal , affecting me in 3d physical  .        ( ??  For Yous  )

So, I'm doing Tea Tree essential  oil *  Dont do this unless - You DO NOT  ingest in any way ! Just spit out throughly the salivation ( even wipe Your mouth n tongue with a paper towel if You have to ) , this usually worked for me with tooth issues before alone , very quickly even  , I'm very surprised it didnt this time !   N I made Gorgeous Elderberry syrup        - I highly recommend for General health n Flu n Cold season too , they also call it Sambucal,  You can get dried Elderberries too to make it !  Its supposed to be Good for some infections n I had on hand . N Oregano herb   -  a Natural pain killer compared to morphine  - Making a tooth pouch out of the dry the herb    ( the Oregano I just bought at the Mexican Store was very potent  ) in a 3x cheesecloth n a string , dipping it into a Clove , Ginger n Cinnamon decoction tea and resting my teeth on the pouch n spitting out the salivation out in a mug  ( gross ) . Also using the decoction tea with dipping a paper napkin into and placing it in between my bite n letting the solution seep in ,  ( while spitting out the excess in a mug too ) , dont swallow if You would ever want or feel necessary to try   this . Seemed to be quite affective  too . I even tried putting Wasabi on my teeth too n it seemed to work  also . Trying Everything so I can also avoid immunity with the bacteria  .

I Just thought I would share this in case anyone has trouble with teeth .

Please excuse my messy writing I'm a lefty.  I used to be able to do quick perfect block technical writing ,  not ever so Good with cursive (

Disclaimer :  Always consult YourSelf 1st n a Trusted Doctor too ! Probably better to go to Your Trusted Docs office . Its not easy for me to do now .

 * Just read Cranberry  juice  - I get the one from Trader Joe's ,  it's super potent almost not drinkable ,  it doesnt have really any sugar , if any ,  Its very high quality product , medicinal  ( I used to get for U.T. I.. s  ) is Good for Dental n Tooth decay . The Cranberry enzymes to prevent the pathogens from forming on teeth  that cause decay I read in a few  blurbs . Thought I might as post about it here . Since this post kind of turned into about  toothaches '  , a very serious problem n painful +💟


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