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Ive been spending the last few hours trying to put a simple profile icon pic here . A Sun Dial Face Watch without Numbers And Notches N The caption Moment . To Symbolically make The Moment of Space And Spaces the most Important Time  pieced together  .

The Moment of Space n Spaces of Love N Heart Affordable by Respect as The Divine Law N Order And Rule of ALL Law .   The Time of The Essence " .. Is Nows for Existence ~ Humanity  !

Not with Losers Ever!  Who are in the way with Technology ( a constant Battle ?? ) who apparently think they are fun , exciting  , n Humanitys Boss ; to be around n serve  ? Obviously I have better things ' to do than contend with Losers that should of been Laid [ their own evil mindz | not of Flesh however attached to Ours somehow +* ] a certain way by Nows  . InKarmaed  , a handful of them at the top  . Their Husband '| " Karma " with Technology  . They Answer To and Underneath To ; Married n Chained    To ! Consequences of e " n h " = p*** machine n factory design  .  P*** they answer to n holds them down [ their  e " n h " = p " mindz | Not of Flesh , Nature or of Coin ] , the standard they thought was okay Anyway shape or form    Anyways .

Seize The Moment to do what is Right Is Right .  No matter what Time it is  ! Wanning or Waxing is doesnt matter take Your pick ..... with Freedom And Liberty Sovereign with Many Moments of One Style to choose from thats ALL Styles - For And With Humanity ! +🤍🙃

No archon jezebel DisRespectors rule n or ruled -  to  YinYang , Humanity Ever  ! They are Not Happening  ! Its beyond stupid n Lame .  +💗



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Continued :

In Sychronization ,  Natural Synchronicity ( ies ) , N Sync ; Synergy And  Affinity . Communication , Community , Unity , Support for Humanity which I am mentioning againe here on SSF .  Apparently , Its looking  like that is ALL being hyjacked ??

Divine Timing of Moment is  Nows - at least In the Mind where ALL Good things can start ! Trut is Truth in Action , The Whole Truth in Absolution  We Are Free ! E " n h " = p with evil mindz  [ Not of Flesh ] isnt any true to recline with or be ruled by  , if You're  thinking straighte .   

Perpetual Respect Love Peace Sanctity  ~ Humanity ....... Momentum Continuum 

ChristLordInLoveExistenseOnLy +🤍

Moment is Cheers to Humanity ( n being able to  )  ~ Obviously  not hyjacked if able to  ! ❤

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I see no time as emptied out hourglasses. Stepping out of time is when and how we manifest.  We take those empty hourglasses and fill them with the building blocks of our creations, manifestations.  These are crystalline in nature. 3d is time. Time is a construct held within restrictions, forms. When time is removed from these forms we can replace time with anything we desire. 


Time is a Being straight from Creation Naturally Cosmically Expressed in Perfect Man form Primordial Element      ( Elemental  when its unbalanced n disfunct or ed ) .  He is A Person , An Element And  a Word | Name . He was | is of Heart n got droned in His earlier Forms in Space  ( Times mech segmented n I was told in verticle Levels that are dropped down n managed back to the Top , to repeat to expoilt mech n gear ??  ! ) . His other Selves with varied coherence and cognizance of who He is even ! As Normal Person incognito too . I believe He is being expoilted as Man , ManKind , ALL Kind too - as Full Circle Finite last statement  , OWNED ,  Enslaved , Droned , e***  And  Disfiguered  .

Perfect Man 5 Pointed Star who is Not God n Goddess Spiritual Purpose isnt Perfect Man , a  syndrome . Like an Atheist who believes there is no God because He HimSelf thinks He is God or of a Godly ' opinion that God isnt and doesnt Exist n or isnt required . 

5 Pointed Star ,  Simple Man relies on Humanity more . However , when Man fails , Humanitys Protector what else is there if You dont believe or Respect And Love God And ALL that is Good And Decent .

Moment Is about Love . Love doesnt exist unless there's Respect affording it . There is NO Respect there in a jezebel | jezo to the Beings that are used , abused and mocked by hatetors as Clothes ' n Experience ' to Destroy and Disfigured after they are done with them , thats sheerist evil \hate And it equals concrete pain ! Not of MOMENT even though You think Your comfortabe in an Ultra Level , The Worst in ALL Nows Crime design scene scheduled ( timed ' ) spreed . +🤍💙🦋🌌💟💖

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