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Hello. I was looking at the possibility of being a super soldier milab. However i wasnt in the military. So most likely i do stuff in astral. I even feel i was in black body arnor like in tron. In interviews i heard of projects like umbrella and holloween. Perhaps a ultra soldier isnt very fun to encounter. In my last dream it seens like i gained size and had skin that seemed to have body armor nano tech. Best way to describe. So my question is what are projects and multidementional corperations that have monsterous soldiers in multi demension and astral?  Fictional monsters include nemesis from resident evil, apocalypse abd onslaught from x men, and nimrod the sentenal from x men. So please tell me any thing you know about this and what projects are involved? What was your encounter with monsterous soldiers if any? Do these being shape shift from normal human astral form? Yes not only am i looking at being involved with projects but looking to get ahold if myself if im not well meaning in another realm. Please tell us if you have anything. Thanks

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I dont know what programs there are . I recently though via astrally in Pineal sight , into to 3d body felt effect n affect from being axed in the Head several times this week  . Also where my Head would be slammed down on to sharp corners of furniture , concrete,  the basin ........ N also new tech where they take my Minds eye n place me in assault elsewhere in the room . Also feel other attacks astrally which were more painful . I would see Pineally as I felt the affect of the assault  . Just recently I had an earache for several days , crying in excruciating pain . Went to an urgent walk in clinic (what I posted about recently) n the Doc didnt see any inflammation or redness ,  however still prescribed antibiotics  , ear drops n oral . Still feels kinda sketchy astrally n        in 3d . I have gotten pin pricked too astrally n felt it too physically . Very scary !!!!!!! Especially since I'm a decent girly GirL N definitely a creature of Comfort .And You can tell with my Make Love Not war with Bathe Bomb post here ,Im Empathic to other Peoples n Peeps pain as a Humantarian . Maybe thats why I'm being attacked so badly .   (

Has anyone heard the Timelines ' merging  ?  I thought I vaguely saw a title of a video a couple of days ago , I wanted to catch n now I'm thinking it might be True  ? In a Good way ?? Because someone or somebody about 30 minutes ago did an effect ' which felt actually like a serious Affect , physically on me which I saw Pineally n Astrally +* banged my Head on the table on the flat side AND the corner end at the same time  . This better stop its NOT looking Good For the Element , Math , Mind N Body Existentially . Somehow it BetterBe Okay ! Moment of Space N Spaces in Continuum And of Momentum is One Space , ALL Macro Universe ,  Including Micrios  +*   Anyway , What's Happening with the labyrinths of time n Space , how are they able to bend And compartmentalize Space ? Anyway We have to get back to the basics And Simple as a basis ! Authentic Genuine Nature Spiritually ~ Love N Humanity is required Everyone to be in a  Happy 😊💥💜💙🌷 place  ,  World  ) We cant get swallowed up  ! Perpetual Peace And Love Balance N Harmony I keep Praying for .

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* Update  - to let You Guys know what's been occurring  in the astral into 3d Physical assaults affect (s) , the level has subsided  , especially since the last 24 hours . After much praying ( n maybe quiting smoking has something to do with it , I dont know  ) . However still sensitive  and have in ear sensations  , however much number in a different  way . More shielded feeling somehow . The astral head banging is less than n in degree than before . Less frequent  n fainter dimensionally seeming .

I dont want to jinx it  !!!!!!

Thanksgivings To Those Who protect Me And my Family ~ Humanity  ChristInLoveExistense ~ PerpetuaL Peace On Earth ~ Merry Christmas Always The 24 | 7 Production  ( obviously Not serving  hatetors | the e " minds machine !

~ NoeL LoveJoy ~ JoyLove To Yous And To ALL  +💟 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))   ForeverInfinity Love Conquers N Conquered ALL 

Thank Goodness N Thanksgivings N Thank Yous  !

Whao , Someone Please let me know what I am supposed to be doing in a Happy way outside of the matrix mess if that's what happened  too .

Somehow I am still here N HopenWishing My Family N Friends N Civilization/Community N ALL Creation  , ALL Nature  N ALL Creatures In Sovereignty ~  Humanity ,  Amen  )

After I updated , I got severely attacked in my Left ear And Leftside temple . So much pain , to tears ! N I keep on forgeting to mention my teeth ( and several times prior recently n this time  ) at the roots are being attacked somehow n my molars n jaw on my Left side is also in excruciating pain .

Our Galaxy is about to get swallowed up by this horrible Crime design spreed by archon jezebels , this isnt just some Astro Physics Black Hole Event I'm referring  to , The Antagonists messed with ALL Universes History of Creation .  Firmament , Providence  N Humanity has To Be ! Where is the Karma Technology  n Sheilds N Protection ? Why is it So messed down here on Gods And The Mother Goddess  Planet ?

One second It even felt like Satelite n Synthetic Mind/z was directing assault intent towards me too , in 3d physical pain abuse  . I dont know who is Totally Protecting me , or who has Protected me , I am always Praying to Almighty Father,  GoodTime , God | The Son ~The Sun  , Holy Spirit  ,   Good Lord , JesusChristLord ,  N Only Almighty Heavens Humanity Is The OnLy Kingdom ~ Establishment , Providence  , Firmament  , Authority n Entitlement  ,  StarGate Platform , N Love  ! ChristBloodNotInVain ChristLordIsInLoveExistense +💖           I did the Gemetria Numerology on those two last phrases on the Gematrimator online calculator,  in they both  turn out in Numerologically in numerous Cyphers to be ALL values of 9 . That would be very rare . It only happens mostly with ALL 9s And even more rarer with ALL cyphers of other number values it appears . So if You say both phrases in Combination it also equals ALL Nines ( ALL sums of 9 in addition to another 9 value  = another 9 value  ) . So in ALL Numbers sequences from 1 to 9 , Nein , Nine , No evil !!!!!!!! I just found out these numbers today . Trying Everything.  Thinking , in The Bible it says                  ~ The Truth Shall Set You Free !  If the Numbers match And God Speaks In Numbers maybe this approach will work . My Bible in storage , I have to get another one . Sorry to be in a   tangent , just wanted to fine tune this entry . 

I do know its beyond sketchy n scary N I dont know how long they can sustain Normal scale of Existence if this is occurring  , especially after Everything said N done .

* Update It's been a few days ago since I posted this . I added more to the post . It's been turbulent  , I never was attacked physically like this , its horrible  !!!!!!!  Trying To Be Resoundingly Still +💗

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