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I have been having strange dreams. I didn't know what they meant, so I asked a trusted friend. He directed me here. My dreams follow a general theme:

1. They are in third person. The dreams show a person who I do not recognize, but he feels familiar to me. I have never had dreams in third person before a few months ago, but now they are recurring.

2. The person in the dream (he has no name, so I will just refer to him in first person) is always running. Either towards or away from something.

3. I am always in a group of four, with two men and one women. We begin as friends before they are corrupted somehow.

4. The dream involves some sort of deity or omniscient being. This being is always against me, but it sometimes helps me despite it not being in its best interests. For instance, it will send people to hunt me but also grant me powers to defend myself with. The purpose of this is unknown.

5. The dream always features death, but never my death (yet). For example, a recent dream involved the three other members of my team slowly rotting away as they became both more powerful and more corrupted. By the end, one of them (the girl) was a walking skeleton.

My grandmother, who is very spiritually attuned, taught me how to meditate when I was a child. I did not do it a lot, but I have started to try meditating more in the hopes of reducing these strange dreams. However, my meditation seems to have had the opposite effect; my dreams are appearing more frequently and with such clarity that I feel awake. Strange things are happening in my waking hours as well, but I cannot explain them sufficiently in words. The best I can say is that I feel threads, all around me, connecting to everything and everyone, yet whenever I try to pull on one it just slips out of my grasp. I don't understand what is happening and it is driving me crazy. Can anyone help please?

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hi. im eclipse. i look over most posts about dreams since researching dreams got me to stay. this was a lot to take in. first of all what does this mean to you? what it means to you is the most important thing. i did want to bring up kruger. this faction has something called runners. they also seem to have a ability that seems to resemble parkour. i do have a dream alter that protects. these expiriences by this alter will be placed in the members section. i have not seen myself do parkour in a dream but this alter has had blasts of energy when they where helping someone who looked like the late max spiers. maybe im not with kruger. maybe im just a friend they call on in sticky situations. who knows. i will be around to read your dream posts. have a good one.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

I think the most striking part of these dreams are simply how vivid they are. Somehow, I feel more awake in the dreams than I do when I am awake.

When I run in the dreams, the world seems to shift. Even though I am going fast (far faster than I normally could), I feel confident, as though there is no possible way I can fall. My feet just know where to go. I feel like all my senses are enhanced - smells are more pungent, my sight is sharper, etc. When I get out of that state, I want to keep running. It is like a drug. Usually, I am running on top of floating cubes in a void. Either I am being chased by things (I don't know how to describe them other than that. They have long, spindly fingers and their flesh is rough, like wood.) or I am running towards a glowing orb that rotates, suspended in air. I always wake up before reaching the orb or getting caught.

You also mentioned Max Spiers. I had never heard of him before, so I looked him up. I don't remember seeing him specifically in one of my dreams, but his picture looked so damn familiar. I can't quite place my finger on it and it's bugging me.

As for the dreams, I feel that they are quite a conundrum. I am always in danger, which I definitely shouldn't like, but I feel so alive when I run in my dreams. I've never taken cocaine, but I imagine the feeling to be similar.

Great topic, the specifics of each individual’s dreams are of course idiosyncratic. What interests me is reality is not so much a simulation as it is a Source dream reality. The Source Energy Gestalt or SEG was trapped by nonbeing so it created the Dream Worlds of SEG, our reality. However, dream reality is still not completely real, so we too as part of SEG are trapped by dream world nonbeing. There are limited means to escape this so called “samsara.” If I am not mistaken one way is to stop the the wall of fog from rotating and pass through the wall of fog to the dune world and cross the dune world which is like the roof of heaven or the door way to Totality

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