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hello. i thought i would make a on going log to assist in my memories. plus i can look back on it. its sort of a interview in print as well. sorry if you see this as a repost because i have mentioned these things before. so here goes nothing....

background: i was born in the retro years. the same time where they actually had super soldier programs instead of questioning about tech they can use to process others. i was in a house fire when i was 2 plus they say jinn are born of smokeless fire. my birth mom was a ex nun and her mom was of the lynch family which might be a hybrid family. my grandfather on my moms side was a teacher. he might have had a history of teaching at ohio state. when i was adopted there was covert abuse in that situation to. my foster father was a dentist and his father worked for nasa. im simply mentioning things that are interesting. i wonder if mk ultra had a hand in my foster family as well. the one thing that makes me think im a super soldier in some way is i was actually with the state when i was between childhood homes. i actually was placed with at least two different families. with one family i was running but then the next i was carried to the door because i could not walk after a shot. i actually came with a odd teddy bear as well. i hope that bear did not have a hand im programming. i was told a nurse gave it to me. last but not least i was with a group that ran like a cult after highs school. note: i do seem to be on the autistic spectrum and money has been a challenge interestingly enough.

genetics: anglo saxon, celtic, and nordic. i hear they have a history of taking kids with celtic or germanic genetics. maybe even native american.

was i diagnosed with autism or related? yes. high functioning part of the spectrum. supposedly they process a type of consciousness that others do not. you can call it higher dimensional thinking but im not trying to put others down in saying that.

do i have implants? i dont know. i know i have had nose bleeds. one time when i was a kid the dr poked around in my nose because of nose bleeds. i decided to fight them off. then they chose to hold me down which took an adult at each limb. the only time i was put to sleep is when they removed my tonsils. a old news article said the hospital i did it at was involved with mk ultra at some time.

missing time? yes i have missing time. i was with the state when i was very little. they could transport me to facilities like wright patterson air force base, detroit, new york, and even torronto as far as dumbs. ohio state was close to and they have a history with mk ultra.  i have also woke up with a object i owned pretty much missing. im personally not sure if im even in my native timeline.

did you have termination program and do you trust your memory after? yes termination program happened and im still here. no i do not trust my memories. especially before 2012. its like im version 2.0

do you have abilities? yes. well i have two natural ones. the first one is switching timelines and vibration. that is a whole subject in itself. the other is the in between. i have seen beings there like shadow beings, an angel or related, and a rake/ghoul. i question milabs happening in this state. i have not experienced this kind of stuff for a long time no matter if its just a medical condition or not. abilities developed is intuition, fledgling telepathy so i thought it was a empathy ability when its not, and sneaking without people hardly noticing. i think i also have a trigger ability i call hyper focus but im not going to expand on that.

am i a energy vampire? yes and no. i have the ability to. my energy food of choice is the environment. mostly what is called pranayama. this can be put into the abilities section and it affects my personal timeline. yet its something i choose to use or simply use regular food like i have been doing since birth.

revelations and ideas: well my first memory of super soldiers was a battle suit like from disneys tron legacy. then i noticed reptilians have super soldiers in a way. i noticed grey aliens think more like a hive mind. i also have a aptitude for advanced tech. yet with tech im not sure if im remembering or i simply imagined it after people talked about it. in this mode i have sensed what spiritual people call source. tech i can say is shots, drop pods, and plasma fire arms. maybe even tech like medical tanks.  i have had involved memories as well. such as a corp possibly selling memories on a market which was not on earth. visions: this means visions of the inner eye. i guess these are the same as revelations and ideas. yet i will mention cloning tanks, and i was perhaps involved with dry land like on a planet in starwars. i have also thought about pyrimids but i dont think they where the ones in egypt.

video games... what do i like?  well as far as machines i have interest in driving games, games with aircraft/ fighter planes, armored mechs are interesting but i never played much of those. in games with fire arms im always attracted to games which have auto fire.

what groups and projects do you expect messed with you? well dark fleet , umbrella corp, monark, murkoff, yeah possibly kruger. i would even say scorpion corp if they where the middle man. maybe a more neutral group like the alliance in the ssp who are not talked about much but i think they have one. earth programs: pizza gate is number one. a esoteric program that has a hand in adoption and the families. a project like project ibis ( like james casbolt). a project like montauk but please note i would have to time travel for montauk training because it closed the year i was taken. classic mk ultra but not sure how that story would go. Possible 20 and back. I'm more of a milab and ssp expirience then a "reality based" earth program survivor.

dreams: this is the fun one. i had dreams where i showed up and asked where i was. one time it was andromeda and another time it was time travel to 1945. i had a dream about and assansin trying to take me out. i had dreams that i have broken down into dream alters. in early dreams i have fought black wolves and was chased by whats called a wraith. there has also been dream informants. for example a dream informant confirmed i was with umbrella and quoted rank/clearance 08. dreams of sparring beings like james casbolt and lady death strike.

visions while dreams: yes! the most interesting ones where 1. something like a colorful galaxy map. then the most useful was something that looked like point space against a green backdrop. almost like i can possibly influence time and space but thats currently dormant.

possible names: i have no idea. possibly eclipse. a mk ultra name should be chris bryant as well. not related to chris redfield that i know of but he seems to be a real being from the umbrella reality.

how did i come into the super soldier community and why did you stay? i stayed because of odd dreams. i actually seen super soldiers on project camelot when i was in a different community.

are there things i cannot put together? all the time. kind of like how like my life is attracted to weapon x when im not a mutant and i dont think i was with weapon x. i was called wolverine as a fun nick name plus seen/heard of weapon x subjects in dreams. weapon x was kind of a trigger word as far as memory.

am i apart of the starseed community? yes i think so. supposedly i have personality traits of sirian  and orion beings. yes orion rep. plus i might speak reptilian light language. it kind of evolved from christian tounges oddly enough.

any characters that i gravitate to? yeah oddly enough its kind of savior or goldy characters. like superman, zeus, and neo. i was even put into superman and zeus costumes by others when i was a kid. not trying to honk my own horn. now adays im interesting in researching gods that have to do with shadows and darkness. like nyx, hades, and hela

list of odd strangers i ran into: these are strangers who may be involved with abductions, projects, gang stalking or simply noticed im not the average person. when i was little we had parties full of strangers. these parties are the only time when i saw a stranger in the house. school is kind of clear but i noticed odd recruiters that might want to take me. like the marines asked if i wanted a ride home. outside of my childhood home is different. i remember a woman stopping a van to ask me a question when i was doing yard work. when i was 12 i got a store bought card from a creepy secret admirer. no one my age had a job or a car. things are still odd as an adult. like some guy at a red light asking if i seen his german sheppard of all things. i was in a group that ran like a cult , religious trips with school, and even a camp for disabilities when i was younger. the group i was with for a year plus the camp in ohio was def a time when i could be messed with. then there was the ninjas that i seen. yes real people that seemed like ninjas. yet both accidents where miles away from each other. if your wondering about law enforcement... well i can hardly walk down the street in a decent neighborhood. cops atleast wanna ask if im good just because. they are just doing the job but i need to make sure im not at the wrong place and at the wrong time when im in public. note: some people seem to think im different like its a intuition gift. like a lady praising her god when she saw me, a man stopping in his tracks when exiting the super market and holding up his hand to greet me, or the interesting person who said i had gold on my skin and she felt she thought it was a sign from god. just a few examples but showing respect to others.

list of odd things to keep track of any new abilities: 1. for personal record: co workers claim i did not show on camera if i heard right. makes sense with my odd sneak ability which is a mind trick but i dont believe it 2. bad lights flickering or turning off. 3. things falling for no reason 4. first time travel dream 5. odd house noises. this time it was like something was running into the coffee table twice but no signs of critter problem this year. also please note I did think I could fly when I was waking up one day.

i might let everyone know if a session from intuitive and agent jessica morrocco gets released. she posts them on her channel sometimes.

that seems to be it for now. i will clean this up and add to it later. if you happen to do interview and i dont know of you then you can inbox me if you want me to think about it. thanks.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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earth date 1/11/2022. created list of odd things to figure out any new abilities. this most likely is silly to readers but its important as i try to rule myself and subconscious. need to expect possible basic abilities and time/space accidents at this time. possible reverse or stopped aging might be the least of my worries one day. i do not claim anything accept timeline switch that makes accidents. accidents like a knowing related to telepathy and accidently surprising friends and coworkers with my physical location. also added a section to claim i have a choice of being a energy vampire. which would affect my life either way.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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earth date 1/14/2022 i had to add a section of odd strangers i seen and the places i been which had a good chance of being taken and replaced with a memory. being abducted and memories replaced has happened to others and people have even seen odd strangers in their own home or school. so i had to add this section to the topic.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

@Toltec29 thanks for replying again. it reminded me to check for typos. actually usually dont have that many errors when i check a post. no inorganic allies that i know of. im friendly with many but not sure what unusual people im friendly with. i would like to know if these ninja like beings are friendly to me but they sure have dropped in like a spy. a accident with ninja beings did happen in the cult group. i heard the words sieze the day and there was no one there. this was after i seen a ninja like person behind me when i was at the computer and i just ignored it. not much of a reaction. anyway the person i was with when i heard the voice with no body thought this person sneaking around the campus is my room mate. yet if you catch a ninja being they dont mind showing up with multiple people around. such as i would have caught the last ninja i seen (or atleast how he traveled) but i had to park the car and my neighbor was outside claiming he heard noises.  thanks for the reply.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

@Toltec29 well... I wont say the locations other then I'm an ohio native. I will mention locations if it's not resident history. the group that ran like a cult was teen mania ministries. I encourage others to have a faith or ideas about life. yet people came home with things like post cult syndrome. There might still be stuff about it in the internet. It was formerly near dallas and nothing special about this place other then the treatment. Yet this is when I saw a "ninja being" but I Thought it was someone on campus playing tricks. only interesting thing was those people where just out of high school. About the time when super soldiers might be activated in ways depending on the case. the camp I mentioned was camp nuhop in central ohio. I think its still there. the odd thing is its supposedly for learning disabilities, autism, and different diagnosis as they say. yeah the camp was odd and I remember kids from other groups trying to run away and I'm not sure why. So I did see people tackling kids that summer. i guess for restraint. I even remember kids were sent to sleep outside if they acted up during lights out. oddly enough it was normal to get atleast one day with sling shot practice. yeah any aim I was formerly trained with went out the window. Not all super soldiers can naturally aim but i heard stories. These are both times that I really wonder about where I really was and if my memory was replaced. Well the other set apart places was like a retreat center that my church went to and also the highschool group called young life has land. Like a retreat place in upstate New York. it was near lake placid and lake saranac. that's pretty much all the odd locations. I'm adopted but not sure where I was when I was being taken care of by the state. possibly sleeping in the office building and the hospital. No memory of a childrens home. I would not be surprised if I get twenty and back memories because the state could have transported me anywhere . I did have a helicopter fly over when I was looking at camp nuhop information. thanks for reading.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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