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(1) Healer - ovary tissue taken for Healing
(2) Healer - brain tissue taken for Healing
(3) Emphatic - used for MK ULTRA
(4) Laborer in Galactic City
(5) Teacher of Humanity in Galactic City
(6) Warrior training - MK ultra
(7) Breeder - sample taken for healing - Care of children -Emphatic
(8) High energy feeding of entities
(9) Care of children in Galactic City
(10) Building repairs in Galactic City
(11) Trained for Combat - hand to hand
(12) Combat - hand to hand - Emphatic
(13) Trained for battle above Firmament - Healer
(14) Trained for battle above Firmament - Vibrationalist
(15) Trained for Weaponry use - Star Map Minded
(16) Trained for Weaponry use - Vibrationalist
(17) Trained Spy
(18) Work in Egyptian Bunker - Vibrationalist
(19) Military Leader in Galactic City - Emphatic
(20) Military Leader - First in Command above Firmament -Emphatic
(21) Military Leader - Trainer - Weapons Expert - Star Map Minded
(22) Military Leader Trainer - Ship Access Fields
(23) Leader, Battle Export above Firmament - Star Map Minded
(24) Leader, Military Weapons Expert
Star Map Minded - Sees Maps // Breeders - Strong DNA // Emphatic - Can See what others Feel // Vibrationalist - Weapons Creator, Send signals to disrupt enemies of Zeus Ed, OR THE CREATOR CONTROLLER //
Healer - Someone who can heal illness within another



Targeted individual

Arrogance, Pride & Ego make every single soul an ignorant one! ♥

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this is true.  ive seen thru one of my clones eyes dropping from a cold steel gurney and looking down a long hallway.  ive neurally meshed with one while driving and saw a silver ball craft with things in front of us. and heard my voice that started speaking in a broadcast relay type way in another language that sounded like my voice was under glass.  i think what i was hearing was my own voice thru the clone in glass on the craft.    intersting you say 5.55.  15 is the number for jumpgate technology. 15 in gematria is a portal number too.   wevbe jumped timelines 5 times in the last 3 years as a collective so our energy is increased 3 x's when we do that in a symbiotic system.  ive been told i have 37 clones but theres also holographic copies sent into the past and future that can manipulate others perception of u. and be very frustrating when u know a person turns on u for no reason this may be why or a group of people for that matter. 

i was the grounding rod for the uber man group .  seperating ur energy from the clones is hard.  and i have fought tech that tries to remotely pull me from out of my body and i literaly have to ground myself and hold my head from feeling being pulled out of my body.  

thank u .  may we all assimilate the lihngering clones of ourselves and bio rhyhms to do good now.  and use them to our advantage as back up.  no more clone deaths. reverse frequencies of our own pain sent back to us to lower our vibratation and keep u s fear.  etc.  Reclaim what is rightfully our divine essence  no matter how little dna it may be such as a fingerprint.  it can be used as  a weapon against us. integration of clones is similar to integration of alters.  the ones who resist and refuse to be healed in the light will disappear or be taken out of the picture. in ur consciousness stream if it is ur will.  all shadow aspects of ouselves when brought to the light of the sun will transform into a higher form. 


It is good to read that people are actively turning it against their controller, by being aware and figuring out how they attack, already makes it more difficult for them to control you. It takes a long time to learn how to neutralise the pain and discomfort of an attack. A direct return of the pain upon the attacker is an effective way of stopping that particular attack. The problem is that they always find other ways to disarm you. In particular using your nearest and dearest to get past your defences.  

I deleted my posts and comments to withdraw my energy from this place.

Since I began posting here I have had three heart attack incidents and lots of other bullshit happening; and about one or three comments actually responding in a supportive way to my posts....without tryiing to link me in to Karistus winged ones (sorry Eevie; love YOU but you are so linked into them that I have to say, no, no further acccess to me; I don't do those winged fuckheads but wish you well through space and time and stuff!

B ut now it's showing up on an admit level about me being in touch with a Duncan (is he a MIlab character? Sorry; not familiar with him!)

And someone with an admin level accesss is now going into my comments.

Oh well, nothing I didn't see coming.

Wish everybody well!

For the record, I wanted to completely delete my account and my past posts and comments but suddenly realized that there isn't any way to do that.

NateX whoever you are; please delete my account or send me info about how I can permanently delete my account here: thank you!


they have targeted her in a very harsh way....i feel for her and i had no intent of upsetting her. I apologize to her and you. The Karistus i know are most benevolent......not harming humans unless they deserve the rep hybrids. They have saved my life numerous times....literally....even on milab ops. 


I don't really understand where this came from but it's cool. I took my clearance 08 and seen what I can do. First I got high energy feeding of entity's. Then with 17 I got trained spy because one plus seven is 8. in elite/matrix numerology. Interesting. Wonder if I can remember any spy training.

- Eclipse ,  Active dream milab asset/ Former SSP Commander/ Possible earth programs survivor. Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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