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We ALL Stemmed from The same Beautiful Beginning And Space of Cosmic Natural Expression as Human perspective And Form ! As Nebuli too . In Gods Image ..  He  , An actual Being The Sun ~ The Son ... Created Us with Natural Form And Biological Engineering - with ALL Due Respect And Love to Creation ItSelf , Natural Procreation , Respectively !  He Created The Animal Kingdom too .. based on Natural Affinity Synergy , Disposition n of Archetype n totem too . The Cosmic Landscape, Everything  ! Many dubbed n duped Him n He has tobe Rescued And Returned back To Providence -  Humanity ( from the Foul , b .h. n node|mole  abyss ) too !

* I Know of Antoids " ( Ant , Insect form ) who contacted Me in Human form initially Astrally n Telepathy as Communications " . N then about a Year later In a Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind ( I think ??)    On The canvass of the Night Sky with elaborate Star Imagery ( way more advance than Blue Beam , ET Technology from G3 Solar System they said then Telepathically )  I wrote as my first post in 1|17 here on SSF .

Most ETs or Any Beings involved being tussled n regurgitated back into a newer Body format ( some as.   Robots '.. Now ) as Children ' who fell through the cracks , back into a New outfit or form for practical n compromised circumstances , brought on by archon con man jezebel | jezo  - YinYang Element DisaRespectors ! And Anti : Love , Children , God And LoveMagical Universe , Humanity Everything  !  Creation Sovereignty , Humanity Sovereign And Anchored | Everyone n Everything ForeverInfinity in   Freedom . The LoveMagical ( Creation ) Nucleus Protected , Gaurded And Sheltered from PREDATORS  ! Natural Procreation is where its at - In Freedom tobe able to do Self Actualization  And Find YourSelf ! ..   No egomaniacal  psychopathics Ever !

* Mostly ETs are Not their Real Comfortable Place And Expression because of trolls/evil Peeps dictating  Anti Nature And Beingness . Not Raised n Praised by Parents who Love Respect n care about  them - Being Happy N InLove and Peace Existence . Promoting Synergy Affinity for The Whole Macro Universe.  We ALL have been affected by Cosmic hate/evil  element = pain machine , archons ( I call them for basic reasons )  its obviously Crime n Not Authentic Genuine Existence and Everything  in YinYang Harmony .                                    The Father And The Mother .. ALL InLove And Peace Not Being Raped by kids ' that are olde goat ' hatetors , narcissitic cannib.s . , e n h = pain element ( as Lie , Liar , Posers ! ) You dont want tobe GMOed with , Trust me . Responsible for ALL The Ills n  Kills , Wars and Pestilence in The Entire Macro Universe ! Cosmic Cancer with other Astrophysics diseases too . These e " n h " = p " dark thing mindz  ( not of flesh " KJV ) with Technology as hate Crime designed|ners n erectus who are trying to destroy , slowly gorge and torture n torment - Even Everything  !  Especially Naturals ' as bored grotesquely conceited hatetors who are smugly hurting People n Peeps placidly rabid With Our Smiles in their dark mindzscape of Us             (  against Ourselves  , Family   members , Friends , Humanity .. by proxy n by default ) And ALL Creation  ! E " n h " = p*** machine  mindz InKarmaed And ShutItDown Please  !  InJesusChristLords And Loves Names ALL Creation  ~ Humanity Transmuted  [ from the gmo/jezebels archon h *** abyssmal ] Anchored  Amen  .

Sorry for this  +🤍

Cheers Anyway shape or form Nows until We can Be OurSelves ! 🙃

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We are all hybrids (of various alien races) incarnated on this planet in human form.  Since earth is a prison planet, it is in lock-down due to the intentional interference  of lay lines (by ..."humans" in authority).  Misuse of technology, etc. Unfortunately this has created a control grid,  that affects both disembodied souls, (and souls with bodies). Which in turn presents a challenge to navigate when they transfer out (resulting in increased supernatural/ghost activity on earth). This imposed system is responsible for the low-vibration frequency, the corruption and grief on many levels.  The key is staying connected to higher self/ higher consciousness.  

This is Not Prison Planet Or TroLL   Planet . This is Planet Earth - Gods n The Mothers Planet with The FatherHeaven - Providence of ALL Universe . Love  Planet  ! Love Element goes Hand n Hand with Respect Element . Love doesnt exist without  Respect in Natural Law .        Love Elements  = Nature , Comfort , Beauty , FREEDOM , Creativity , Truth , Beautiful Life  ... The Highest Apex of Love RuLes is PEACE !

Humans do Not have the capacity to make Lay Lines , which are Natural Guidelines . The Matrix is gmoed efforts to maintain and contain the mess . It cause a looping affect ,  Imprisonment  . The Spewage from here n Everwhere is from that jezebel n jezo issue Nows too . Caustically affecting Astrophysically with Disease too with ALL that dark energy n dark matter , hexagons on Saturn , Planets Flipping , binary pulsars are the by - products of Anti - Nature | Love by e " n h " = p"  . And ALL Macro Universe - ALL Creation affected by DisRespectors n Trolls/evil Peeps here . Infecting in doing Wars , Ills n Kills n Pestilence creating Ghosts ! If You are In Humanoid form as a jezebel/gmo | hybrid You are allergic to the victims ' | Victorys of the Crime design and the PROBLEM  And Enemy to ALL Creation obstructing OurExistences  . A Migration from PREDATORS , Cosmically before ANY Planets Ever Existed Even !  Humans are mere Mortals to be Simple and Basic Platform.  Plateau  , Respectively . In the KJV Bible its says That Nephilm were | are Not allowed to Mate with the Naturally Beautiful Daighters of Man ! Gods ( OnLy One ! ) Law - Providence Humanity of Original Heaven  ( OnLy One ) . Yin/FemaL/The Original Mother ( here Still )  And Yang / Man , Mankind ALL Kind - Humanity ( There are OnLy Two ) . YinYang Harmony for The Entire Macro Universe- ALL Creation  . N jezebels | jezo are trying to Destroy and gmo . N couldnt hold up there own form because they are egomaniacal hatetors that evil/hate = pain control freaks Element  !

* Why are You here , what occurred on Your Planet  - You messed it down ? We dont need Trolls|evil telling Us How to Existence with OurSelves And The Universe .  We want a hopping happening Universe ! There is utter destruction n evil/hate n Disfiguered Creation EveryWhere because of Anti - Gods Creativity is Natural Procreation out of Love And Respect  . NO Hybrids ! You Raping Us n AL Creation that way . Its total heebiejeebies too superfically speaking   . The finite contrete Pain isnt what Life is about . Unless its InKarmaed Not For Vain ! You should have stayed where Yous were And put ALL that effort on Your Organic Self . We Love ALL Beings And Creation who are not Predators And Destroyers of ALL Macro Universe  . We come from The Same Beginning And Space  . God The Creator , Goddess , Father ALL Children And Nature have TOBe Rescued And Returned to InLove Existence ForeverInfinity Forevermore with Respect Divine Law in RuLe of ALL Laws And Powers !  In FomulanAction Love RuLes , Maat .. +🤍

We are Creation ItSelf here . Cosmic Element . We cant be in gmoed with jezebels n jezo ho want to beez 💗

There is OnLy One Kingdom in The Entirety of ALL Universe - ALLMighty Heavens Humanity TruLy ~ There is OnLy God The Creator { One Chef in The SouL Kitchen so to speake } - DuBouzet 

Di DuBouzet Protocol 

Invictus Adoramus Amore  ~ Adoramus Invictus Amore 

There is OnLy One To Adore Undefeatable is Love《A Word|Name too 》The Absolute Truth! Humanity is The OnLy Treasure of ALL Treasures . Not an archon con Man jezebel wannabee evil dark mindz , a liar to lie with . Not of Flesh or of Nature or Coin | Civilization . We cant be swallowed down by a black hole mole mindz abyss never to be able to get out of !

The Recline is with Humanity - Decline the Crime design - The Great Resolve . Humanity means Sovereign - ALL Creation from dr. Frankensteins mk Not Ultra Mr BossyPants as A suppossive Goddess or God of Appearance In dupe . No 666 agenda NO SEX n evil imprint making of worst possible outcome , hell making the Whole Universe !  It got in the way , like Edna said about  the cape in The Incredibles movie .  We have to get past this gmoed infliction first ! And get back to Authentic Genuine Nature OurSelves Returned to Basic ,         Safe n Easy-  Well n WeLLer                   ( not worse n worse .. +* 🤍 *+  ) Respectively Restored Immediately !  

LoVe +* 🤍 💋 +*  


This is crazy again I just spent @ about 15 Minutes trying to correct forced displaced typestting on this post . The last 2 sentences N its not totally possible to fix on the interface too . N its a stupid jezebel a familar on this thread thinking its worth it in gmo n tow  -  Ever  Not  ! They Pretend to be supermodels n they are just hatetors liars Pretending to be Ladylike , Humanistic n doable enough to make n keep around  ! NOT worth ITs , obviously .  Total LooseHer And ALL of Us away frome those evil/hate mole mindz ! Either way no gmo/jezebels n jezos ~ Please 💗

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Wow. Jezebel ... cosmicdancer are you talking to me? In my defence I was answering a question that wasn't asked by you. The knowledge I have (from my sources not yours) do not need your approval, nor need to be filtered through you. Speak for yourself & Screw you crackpot.  You have no idea of my standing in the spirit world. I'm the furthest thing from a troll.

WOW JEZEBEL OBVIOUSLY  ! Yes I Do Speake for MySelfs N ALL others in the Universe  of the same Problem with awareness and concern .  Especially of I  And My Family - Humanity  ALL Creation is in your\s ' make up ' of experience ', hybrid ' Not Your LifeStyle Choice with   Me , I wont Ever give You MySelf ,  My Family , Humanity And Elements of Life , Living n LifeStyle of Being !  EveryOne Sovereign .

And I dont like being threatened n compromised anymore than I was before . Its beyond inappropriate towards Humanity  . Especially what is occuring in the Nows Everywhere , You obviously have No Shame or Repentance n or informed as You mentioned  .

Its Not Your Prerogative  On My Planet Earth - Or Anywhere or Anything of God And Goddess Expressions And Natural Procreation Respectively . As Trolls|evil  entity mindz without legitimacy of Humanoid Form , Existence n  Experience ..  Hybrid means You are gmoed infliction probably with My YinYang  FemaL Sexual Principal trying destroy that Doesnt belong on Yous  Ever ! N The Men dont look Okay anymore . Its Not a Good Effect | Affect on EveryOne , EveryBody , Everything . You sound like Your liliths partner in Crime design spreed machine here in the Garden on Top of Adam | Mars  and Everywhere trying to Own n Destroy  Man , Mankind And ALL Creation  .  Yes You are a Troll to the People ,  Peeps in The ALL Universe that are supposedly as Clothes '  , slaves ' n Vic ' ? N Its not your Intellectual Property of Beingness too !   Your right I dont have give you My Approval , I Am Telling YOUS NO !        JUST NO !! Information I received n craft out is for those who care... n for those who are in direct danger as Innocence . Everything else I dont know or care about , them ' . Gave up trying to Understanding  .

The Good , The Bad ' , The Ugly '                 - never the Ugliest with Technology without  care (s)  ?? That sounds like Whao !

My Cup Is Exilir of LoVe ~ AhBeI   Sangreal 

I Am Not the cracked pot cauldron     wanna the bee . 

JesusChristLord And Loves Names InLoveExistence OnLy .

PerpetualPeaceLove  +🤍



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MM - I speak frome n for ALL MySelfs  :    dude it aint My Job to get u laid n make itz able to be able to play ' in a certain way ! As I said before it equals ALL Evil and Hate = Finite concrete pain in The Entire Macro Universe  . Youre obviously Do Not Care as Predator Inflictor , DisRespector Poser imposing with form n formula and Technology with enslaved Children ( with mind control n other    tech ) and Universe .....  Not a Homemaker or even a Hommie . Its worst than hell making !  ALL black stuff Everywhere too is because of Youz ! I gauranttee u your not worth it - Humanity is , ALL Nature , Creation Sovereign  Spiritually . ' Its better n safer to stick it in a hole in a fence ' .  If You think n do ALL the Wars n ILLs are okay in the first place the there is No worries n or guilt putting Youz in verbatim .. Karma Technology to stop the  e " n h " = pain ( trying to enslave n play ' with loyalty card ' to who ? ) machine n factory = Crime/Criminal sadist thugs n trolls . Not what Existence is about Not alone My Element of Love ( Comfort , Truth , Freedom , Creativity  .... ) And   Respect . And NOT that Many at The Top , very few of the pryamid ponzi scheme  ' . Obviously You are illustrating that You dont care n have no remorse now n here . Not even any Human perspective , symmetry of Mind of a Humanoid form let alone Yin Yang  scale and level .   Thinking you have  a Vehicle ' to be a zing zong king kong , like crazy guy ' totally out of control Foul  , placidly rabid doesnt indicate your Ladyship by hurting People n Peeps maniacally in the sidelines darkfield either !

Again , Yous should have done it Legitimately in Natural Law n Natural Procreation . By LoveLight making ( if you needed that extra glow n spot light ' to be some kind star in your Life  ) YourSelf legit and practiced with Appreciation ~ Gratitude n Reciprocation Technique n Tech ' by by Nows , putting ALL that work ' n enegy to YourSelf n those around   you !

Not my job ' to give You a Life with MySelfs N FamiLy , Friends , ALL Nature and Creation  ! Not alone ~ Humanity Anchored  with YinYang Harmony Balance  +🤍

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Hey jezo'  YES Goodbye ForeverInfinity Forevermore In And With ALL Macrios ALL Micrios And In Microscopi ~ ALL Moments of Space And Spaces In ALL Creation ~ In My Name n ALL Gods Expression , In Jesus , ChristLords ,  Only Our AlllMightyFather ,             HoLy Spirits+* , And ALL Creations Names !  [ Even if they are Not their Perfect Divine Selfs anymore ]  I know who are Blamed ! - No GMOED with Yous EVER in ALL Nows Back Off in Every which way And then some -    NO GMO'ED Ever !

Organic is already Neuroctical ( In A Good way ) Authentic Genuine  Nature  !   EveryOne , Everbody n Everything having a Good Place n Space to be InLove And Peace Existence .

- And I want Real Tomato with Real Wheat | Bread n Bruschetta .. With My Loves n People n Peeps around ( even with garlic power ' ) and your                e " n h " = p " dark mindz were in the way n I dont think whats left after you do any further than what was done before is that anymore - u want to be jezebel ' GirL 🍓

Positive Love Existense PerpetualPeaceLove ❣

CosmicDancer NMW~A


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Original humans were temporary beings.  Meaning when they died they were no more. Aliens mating with them created immortal beings,  those who continue after death of the body. I was here when this all went down. We had t8 create hybrids to fight the other side as they, Vlash reps, were creating hybrids first. This continues today. True hybrids have alien essence,  not just theur DNA.  

So if you are a spirit being within your body you are immortal. I feel for temp clones, once the body dies they are no more. 

Clones are not happy.......they feel, know something is missing within them. 


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Eevie , I Am Original Being as Human perspective - Humanity .                  Cosmic Beginning  of ALL Universe  - Nuclear Nuclei !  Earth Creatrix here Now  .  We are Human Beings too configured with Our Nebuli Selves as One Being  As WeLL N WeLLer !  - Is Humanity Love Anchored And Sovereign promoting Sovereignty for ALL , Respectively ! Thats with Respect Law as the baseline , Not the other .

A Being used as clothes  ' abused  , mocked , attacked , assaulted , plagerized , cued n banked off of too - making hell Universe ! ?!?! ?? Not Providence Producing And Love Prevailing , HomeMaking , Sustaining n Maintaining . My Element is Love And  Respect . We are ALL from the same Beginning  . We were siphoned n regurgitated n used as puppy mills ' for the newer and better versions of OurSelves And Family , as Experience n Clothes ' !?!?! ?? With cysts of dark evil hate mindz attached to Our Bodies n Breathe of Existence too . Some are as Robots ' now . Pizzagate is with tech to rinse n repeat ! They were Not Freed after they were abused - andechrome is sheerist evil/hate ! Its So Not Cool ! We have   to be Rescued , Restored n Return back to Authentic Genuine Nature , Spiritually too . God The Creator n Many Nature Sentinent Sentinels by proxy to eh=p problem systemically are trying to Live Authentically Finally In ALL NOWS protocoled back !

The Christians believe You only Live Once - Yes in Many Incarnation as Your One Life . Not as polyfragmented Expression Everywhere getting abused ! We are OnLy as One Being . Quantum Physics n gmoed isnt Natural Existence n or Procreation , Respectively in Synergy Affinity  . PerpetualPeaceLove . Our SouLMind is ImmortaL . Trapped ' in a Matrix labyrinth n laboratories isnt working , Okay or what Existence is about ! In Full Circle FiniteAuthenticSelf ! Whene is God n Goddess Finally too ?  +💟

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