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"Summer of 1971. He has to be about a year or so older than I. I signed up just after my 17th birthday to try and get free of the MK Ultra program. It wasn't one of my better plans." -John Stormm about spiderman


"I only stayed with Company 305 a few months, before MK Ultra started shipping me all over the place. We had gone our separate ways, but then that was true of MOST people in my life. I was never allowed to stay in one place for a very long time, and all too often I was being sent out to places that I could neither write from, or expect to return from alive." - John Stormm



Laura was a close personal friend to me for over 40 years.  She was truly, what most of you would define as a "succubus".  Many folks never get so close, and not in a good way.  This was my tribute to a long time friend, and I'm sure you'll find it interesting.  It may even shed some light on some people you only thought you knew.  It's not always a "bad thing".  -Stormm
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John Stormm wrote a book about Laura





Talking about his sparring matches with Peter Parker "Spider Man"


 "I've been nailed once or twice with that jump over the head and kick to the back of the head trick by him. I ducked a little and figured I avoided his attack and got kicked before I could figure out I had been had. Just sparring of course. I don't know if THAT is him. Parker's about my age now. That would make him somewhere between 62-65 years old." -stormm



 "I was only with Company 305 about 10 weeks, before I got moved downstairs to UDT-6, and then on to Cambodia as a fully active Ultra. Parker scored tops in the Company during that time. He was quite popular, and rightly so. He had a great head on his shoulders, physically fit as anyone could be. Agile as all hell. Humble as dirt and friendly and sincere in his interactions with everyone. I was not an easy guy to approach, and that didn't help when I got sick and was given LSD in my meds and had an episode in the barracks before being carted to sick bay in restraints. He helped calm me down. That *could* have gone VERY bad and been lethal to somebody. He probably saved a few peoples' lives that day with how he handled me. I trusted him probably more than anyone else in the company, though I thought most of them were pretty good guys. But I was hoping to escape MK Ultra by being a sailor. I just got into it worse than ever. Parker had his own reasons for being there, and as far as I could see, he was doing okay with it. That's about as much as I know, except the next time I saw him, he was appearing as "Spiderman" with the Shrine Circus in Rochester, NY, and a few other deals. Totally masked. Nobody had a clue. He recognised me right away, and we had yet another little sparring match in the back dressing rooms and all, and he always managed to score on me with some crazy acrobatic deal that you would not believe a guy could pull off." -John Stormm



"I sparred with him quite a few times, especially back in Company 305, 11th Battalion at Great Lakes Naval Base. We did a bit in the off hours in the "drying room". That was often used for impromptu matches of sorts. We'd make use of all the corners and wall surfaces to make our attacks. He had a really nice and sincere smile that would practically light up his face. Great guy!" -John Stormm

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Thanks Nate.  I am very worried about him and he has not had any Insulin since Monday and is trying to travel to a safe haven.  If I lived in the US I would go and pick him up, but I live in Australia and my car is not amphibious, yet.  I am sharing a lot on FB and would like to ask all you guys from my heart to contribute something on his gofundme page or send it through paypal.  He knows I love him to death as do a lot of others and I am extremely worried him.  Thanks again Nate for all your doing.


This is John Stormm with Duncan O'Finian.  I got John's permission to post this quote.

"Back in 1953, the tall blond thing was STILL the Nazi ideal vision of the supersoldiers they wanted to produce. At least from the standpoints of the Rochester facilities, they tended to push that envelope. However, by about the mid 1960s it became as obvious as it was to spot the "Langley Farm Boys" or a Fed by their looks, it became obvious that it took a whole lot of effort to use someone like me as a "spy" because I stood out like a beacon. I couldn't be more obvious if I started singing: "I'm an aryan superman and I'm okay..." at the top of my lungs. I started sharing my training with the next generation ULTRAs and they weren't all so big as I am. Interestingly enough, to point out the "advances" in the models... See how much taller than Duncan I am? I am ridiculously strong... but he's actually stronger than I (by about another 250 lbs or so) and heals maybe twice as fast as I do. But he can walk into a town and not catch everyone's eyes so much as I. I had to rely on my cover as a martial arts competitor and my shadow training for keeping me out of sight. Think of it as an "evolution" of thought in the field of supersoldiers. Personal history." - John Stormm


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This is a note written to me by a first generation MK Ultra Named John Stormm. It is about our mutual acquaintance Peter Parker. I only remember meeting him a hand full of times for short periods but Stormm served with him in the military.

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"Parker, in his own way, was a hard character not to like. I think the comic book version, missed a great role example for a young black man. But they were looking for an "anti-hero", and that's what they settled on. The one significant thing I can tell you about Parker, is because we were in the same place, at the same time. We ended up in the Summer of 1970, in the U.S.Navy (me trying to escape MKULTRA), he became the "Squad Leader" for Company 305, and I was about 4-5 bunks down from him, on the same side of the barracks for MOST of that time. Yes, he WAS an exraordinary acrobat/athlete. He could beat my time throught the Concentration Course, EVERY time... and I could power through it like no human could. But he had this deep smile and humble attitude that just won everybody over... He practically fell into being first bunk there. I was getting pulled constantly for a LOT of medical treatments and such. Navy turned out WORSE for all of that than MKULTRA was. Eventually Co.305, 11th Battalion, Great Lakes Naval Base, Fall of 1970, Capt. F.M. Simons, C.O. and I got dropped downstairs to train with UDT 6, as Parker and our guys graduated, carrying a LOT of colors and honors. My record as an ULTRA and all was burned by Richard Helms, in 1973. I don't know where Parker went after then. But I can swear on a dozen Bibles that in REAL life: Johnny Stormm and Peter Parker were hanging together in the same place for a few months together. And we BOTH knew, more or less, how far and above we were, to the hardest case Marine Brig Guard than anyone else was. I was certainly the less likable of the two of us them. I think he's a year or two older than I. I, like ALL the rest of another 80 guys in that company, not only liked, but admired the Peter Parker we met there. Most were probably feeling safer after I left. But Parker spotted me with my sister, doing interviews at a Shrine Circus in New York (I was still an active ULTRA), and remembered me, did a cute kind of kip-up that stuck him on the ceiling over my head, and kicked me a couple times in the face (not hard, a comic "bitch slap") and I spent the next couple hours hanging out and catching up. I knew he had work, and he was playing the costumed Spiderman at this circus (very well), But people like us don't just get used i small time scenarios, but you also learn better than to ever ask too much. But he didn't seem to have a hard time trusting me, and I always felt treated well, even when he disagreed with me, That's my over all impression of Parker, from my own point of view of those times." - John Stormm

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