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I know , Youre thinking this is SSF not some  shi shi wannabe Art Gallery World Exhibition  . Let me tell how horriffic this is for Us ALL ! They are still pretending , and they are still Not making Worldly sense , however making Worldy decisions ? Its ALL explained on the website " , said the baphomet guluka jezos perch out at front of Complete Collapse and Destruction of Humanity on Wilshire Boulevard for ALL to notice and Not care about  ? Lying about the Children's Museum that was never reinstalled after several Years of it coming back to the empty  May Company property . So much fun there with My Family  . The Pillow Fight ' | * A Pillow Padded Room with A Jungle Gym '  , the Podium Speakers video display playback - for pretending as a Speaker , the swing with Interactive Audio , Painting n Crafts , the Grass area to play on .. The Best - And for Free '  , so awesome for low income Familys . It was there a few Years ( about the early 2000s )  there was the 1st Installment  , n Another One .. -  A Different Version , Not as Good as the 1st Installation . However , they still had the Painting Crafts with    Tempera . . Then they stopped doing the Museum , always saying they were going to do again for several Years +* - Not online anymore as if f** said it didnt exist and was it removed from the Google database  ! While He | shi is explaining how the demo has been occurring for a Year blah blah .. The demo is beyond Not Normal demo and The Museum Main Building was recently completed in 2010 * . A total obvious Obliteration for F** !  Still the same ones ( the familiar | Jezebel " KJV there telling me how its their building too ! ) destroying ALL Humanity ! ??  - And it was Never Legal , Ever - those jezebel | jezos gmoed infliction mk milab stepford wannabee wives n gigalos , Total Troll ehp machine and factory !

YinYang Harmony is a Good thing to focus on Nows .  Its totally out of control - Illegal troll thugs here , there and Everywhere  ! Authentic Genuine Nature Spiritually Ourselves ( no gmo jezebel Crime/Criminal design ) - Humanity Sovereign is where its at .

..... And what happened to ALL the Permanent Art Collection ,  did they thrash that  too  ?

There is ALL kinds of Abnormal Paranormal with Major Technologies occurring and happening Instantaneously  . I have been reporting here on SSF , Its leeching out into the Museums Building Even ! I Am Not joking how serious in trouble We Are In ! How is that being Allowed ?20200626_201451

This is off the Main Boulevard  . If You ALL saw the Mammoth Monumental Monster Affect on this Museum , Humanity . Youre mouths would.  drop !  None of the Pictures I took  show what I saw , they have taken Pics off my phone files before . They even took the sign of Los Angeles County Museum off . The familiar ' said it was demoed ' last Year ?? It said in March 14  2020 The Museum is Closed  online . And there is no open exhibit in BCAM like it said online too while redoing , it said it was available however its closed as well . Some  People millinging around the Urban Light Street Lights exhibit outside at the Front , n around the Grounds n Park La Brea while I was there  . ALL the demo just left there , about 2 City Blocks of , Metal structural Enforcements , Concrete in Piles about 20 ft high  .. The fascade of the Buildings boarded up . And instantaneously  , And Not my imagination  .... maybe a Matrix trick ' the One hole within the boarded up fascade turned into 2 Holes about 10ft by 6ft while I was taking Pics to the side of , within 10 seconds of initially seeing only one . This type of activity I noticed and took pics while occurring last Year at another Airbnb  . Very serious problem and Very Sad to see My Childhood Hood with The People done that way too . 

Art is important - its Freedom of Expression And Speech . A Lifestyle choice of Going outside the box or frame , so to speake . Apparently Humanitys box is more defined in rumble , crumble n still pretending  Nows ?

While I was walking there from the Airbnb ( lots of cray here too at this Airbnb  ) Many People are not holding up well . One Guy ' looked like the Devil with Red eyes , black hair n wild when walking to the LACMA at dusk . I was surprised there were 2 walking then , that were normal Person looking . Also , as I was taking  Pictures  , I notice lucifer and baphomet looking like they were on date night - I Am Not joking ! So beyond insidiously rude n ehp !

I see very Young Children and Im so worried for Them and Us ALL  !

I have to add more incredible Pictures here . You Guys ' wouldnt believe .  Disclosure is the only way I know how to try fix it . First is to know there is a Problem to be able to Resolve it . How People dont know there is a Problem by Nows is beyond mind control ! 

+ ๐Ÿค



The Pics :  And then were 2 holes ;  The removed LACMA signage ;             A Family member Picture of the Airbnb here ; The Gargoyle that wasnt on top of the Building when I first got here , however , after 3 Nights .

Like I said there are some businesses open around here , I didnt mention Bank of America in My last comment on anothers Post . BofA a couple blocks away was still open .           Thank Goodness  !



*  means Additional details


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  • 20200621_085810: The Gargoyle wasnt on top ( even with Patina ) of this Building when I first came here , after the 3rd Night !
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Well i appreciate any effort put into posts by members. Unfortunately i feel the powers that be not only like to destroy culture but history too. I personally look at my culture when i was a kid and teen and now i see a dumpster fire they call a country. Simply see masks is uncool and i got along with fazing at faces instead of eye contact. Now i see masks every where . speaking of bamphemet i noticed a statue of a owl in a kids park. That would be a illuminati god and i think its moloch. as far as being in trouble i can see. However i simply switch to the thought of being eternal. It would be odd to be old enough to see empires rise and fall. this time i see my own country in trouble instead of someone like the soviet union and i cant do much. 

- Eclipse ,  Astral operations/Umbrella Level 8




..... there should be 5 Pictures on this initial Post - Thread . It shows ALL 5 on my interface but not on the Attachment record . FYI-ING  . I Hope Your able to  see .

Screenshots of this Post above from my interface . Apparently , only            Images (2) " and shown 2 icon Pics ( a screenshot) . With ALL 5 Images showing on my mobile screen   though .  You should be seeing All together 5 Images in the initial Post . The other Screenshots are of the other Pics of the Post .

** I forgot to mention - The City  Buses LA RTD and LADOT , n also The Blue Bus (?) , were still busy running on Wilshire Blvd throughout my stay here in this area since  , June @ 17th 2020 . About every 5 to 10 Minutes  a City Bus . The Streets are really filthy though , Ive never seen , so wicked . A lot of Homelessness , Its Not Safe n or Good for Children or AnyBody . The Ralphs Store a couple of blocks away has a usual ' sign No Loitering " , And No Vagabundo " . Which set me off n prompted an email to the Corporate website . So many Stores with hyjacked attached  . With Customer Service calls too . If Youre lucky enough to get a real Person ! This Morning I saw the Bank of America open with ATMers ) !   The Bagel shop across The Street oddly had No Customers dining outside like the other day ago though  . Marie Callendars , a Family Restaurant , Main Storefront a few Blocks away  , was completely vacated , abandoned and  Closed ! Like an eerie Ghost Town ! Mid Wilshire , The Heart of Los Angeles basically   . Right in Historic Hancock Park area . Dinosaur Bones literally at La Brea Tarr Pitts . The Los Angeles Spring and River connected within this area .  There used to be Tadpoles in the Stream within Park LaBrea with LACMA Museum as same Property . So much History here !

Back in 2016 they were trying to open the Los Angeles Reservoir n Water ways within The City . With new Bike paths and paddle Boats .. Apparently totally railroaded and dismissed too .

I also read that in the 1960s .. they were to Build a Monorail System too . The Train , Subway is Good with the Buses n Trollys too . Definitely a Monorail would of been Good here too . Last Year I took the Subway Train .. it felt like Europe , Not like Los Angeles  . I guess it could of been a Good thing ' , anything better than what had occured , That must be fixed easily obviously NOWS  +

+ ๐Ÿค


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I want to add additional occurrences and Happenings since I came back  to            Los Angeles since June 3rd . Now in a Place indefinitely  ,  in a Nice area           of  The City expecting to be Well and WeLLer Beverly Hills .   I haven't really ventured out yet , Ive been moving my things and apprehensive about going out since the last serveral Occurrences . Including the abnormal paranormal .. still , here even though (  And the going to the Markets and Stores n Streets around the Airbnbs n Hotels Ive been staying at too. Its has been sketchy and rudeness about by troll ehp dark mindz machine familiars n their groupies .  Really blatant assaults at the last Store , and Markets in LA - Especially since Ive been back in town  , that I didnt vlog about .

Ive been directed mainly ( Not Initially  though ) to give my accounts  of the      Ill Fall Out , Conditions And Environments of My Experiences  , by a Beneficiary of Providence , Pineally . And with My  " Family " Lineage ,           " line " and " Lineage " -  keeps on being messaged on my spelling suggestion bar too as I am texting  this  .

Perpetual Peace Love                         +๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒŒ  ))))))))))))

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