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I wanted to order food for delivery . A popular restaurant in Los Angeles ,  feeling like a rare treat for SeLf , And was prompted Claraudiently to order from Pf ***** s . From Southern California especially in Los Angeles  , accommodation for Vegetarians and Veganism has been around since Time In Memorial , basically .   

I was disappointed And took several online screenshots and a Text about It (  to My Excommunicated FamiLy ) . We , on special rare occasion would eat there , as FamiLy Supper out . It was pricey ' for Us however , an extra Nice Experience too .

So Its Not offered on their extensive online menu , of different types of choices of ... No onions ... of V . No Meat ( It still should have. ) option for Vegetarians And Vegans . For Years I ordered The Kung Pao with Tofu sub instead , like at all the other Restaurants of cuisine alike .

For @  20 $ a Dish You would think they would want to also to continue to offer the Tofu sub from an economics pov too ?  Not offered online as a choice , like before  ... And acted very strange and odd when I asked for The Tofu sub instead over the phone.

The Childrens option of Fried Rice enforced only Chicken . No V option. Every other option , that You could  omit were basically Vegetables (  with the interface field check boxes. )

The Regular Fried Rice offers a Vegetarian option . Why Not for The Childrens meal ?

They were definitely Not friendly over the phone.  Didnt seem like FamiLy at all . Didnt order anything from them . Fyiing 🤍

Stay Safe

PeaceLoveJoy ALLLLWays



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@CosmicDancer great post. simply because i noticed there is a anti vegetarian agenda. this seems to be multidimensional issue in general. try going to disney and not eating any animals or animal products. to be honest consenting to eating meat is my kryptonite. being a hybrid is the only reason why i would be a super soldier in waking life. especially without anything like code words. yet i require high vibrational foods. they never have anything straight from the animal. i learned that products from animals are a grey area when talking about vibration. not sure how i can live without dairy choices of all kinds. yeah try quitting ice cream for good. not completely out of the question for me. anyway thanks again.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

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