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Below are 2 videos I just made about some religious and meditation related items in my house.

This is a short video about some of my religious tools and objects. I have James Rinks "Neo Cube" as well as a buddha, an angel, 2 singing bowl, a crystal skull, and a Gold Celtic Cross. If you want to see more videos about this kind of stuff let me know.

This is a short clip showing off my collection of Latter Day Saint "Mormon" stuff. My Joseph Smith Painting, My Christ Statue and my Joseph Smith Statue.

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i feel faith of any kind is important. it can get you through a lot of things. i also think faith tools have a place on the forum. i was actually ordained online because there was a time where i wanted to do a healing modality or at least do readings. so such a card was needed.  not the case with me any more. i currently think you still need to go to school to be a minister depending on what one wants to do. just my two sense.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

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looks like it was universal life church hehe Become Ordained - Universal Life Church ( if one is trying to go to school i guess fellowships of spirit is pretty good. they may actually get more clients if they are a intuitive reader who has been ordained by fellowships. well in the spiritual circle they would... not sure about the super soldier timeline/culture. i believe this is the website. its in new york state Welcome to Fellowships of the Spirit! - A Place Your Soul Can Call Home ( sadona az might have education but not sure about being ordained there.

- Eclipse, Multi dimensional being/ Active milab dream asset

- Umbrella Corporation Level 08

Hi Nate , Interesting Buddha “ = Mercury “ in Sanskrit .  … Hermes , Thoth , Jehovah , Jesus ( The Child , God )  , Jasher ,   Ganeesh , Sidhartha  , Horus , The Sun , The Son ( Who is really The Father . And His Father Is ALmighty Father . ) … Allah , Atum , Ptah , Pythagoras , Enki , Ptolemy , Elephant Man , Beethoven …🤍

Reminding Me of the Scarab.

- The Emerald Tablets .

Green had always has been My favourite Color .

When I was young I had a Ring made for MySelf for Mercury , like a Totem ( And also utilized for propitiation ) for My pinky finger . That is considered the Mercurys finger ( In Vedic Sanskrit ) . A       3 carat Emerald cut Emerald ( Brazilian ) Open back ,  Bezzel set with Baguette on either side for Diamonds - However , I put very light Aquamarine instead ( monetary reasons as I was in My early 20s )  , White Gold . And I had a Yellow Saphire ( Jupiter ) ring made too . Both rings taken ( Burglary upon our Our First Childs , as a Newborne Home arrival from the hospital with My 4 ft X 3 ft Wonderwall , A Manifestation Board  ( of Collages for each section of My Lifes Hopes and Wishes ) They stole that ( And those Rings … ) instead of the the brand new Apple computer And new Sony Tv  !

It says in the Bible No Stones , Gems  too . I like Rocks , Shells and Crystals  . Very Healing the Salt slabs too . I think that the Djnn ‘ were hiding , residing and vexing the Stones . Like The Hope Diamond … I am weary about The Gems and Crystals now . Basically they are encapsulate of Cosmic Logos in  Element ? Stardust and Its rude to Them  , Us ?

There is something to religion ‘ !

I just saw a video that mentioned that Zeus was saved by Hermes ( I think according to the Iliad , against The Dragon ) .  ⚪️

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I saw the solar system from outside the system, once we were already outside the solar system, they showed it to me gray and then I understood it, the feeling was strong because I remember it all the time, there is no god, they do not even know this concept, we are really very primitive here on earth yet , I remember it was during the flight but I don't remember where, I think I was quite young then, that's how I associate it

all I want today is to forget what I wanted


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super soldier 3 gen

dis-clo-zher humanity

Discovering tools that serve us best as individuals is a personal journey.  Freedom to express my faith is one of the ways I walk in beauty, and harm none.  I would not claim to be a religious scholar, though the study of religion is fascinating, and I recommend seeing as many angles as possible regarding the subject.   One of the religious texts I was made aware of about ten years ago, was the Book of Enoch. Yet one does not need religion to be a good person.  Spiritual discernment and a conscience is key.. Considering situations as with the exorcism of Emily Rose. There is a  movie based on her true story that shows us her spiritual war.  Possibly quite relevant now. I think there were a lot of good people of her faith who did the very best they could to help her.   Here is a link for the trailer:

It could hit home if any of you have found yourselves learning from a similar predicament.   If so, it may be that there is no choice but to contend with these spiritual sciences and otherworldly entities.  It is a good idea to arm yourself with wisdom, whatever your religious beliefs.

It is not out of the scope of quantum physics, to observe that the doctors conducting the medical intervention at the university where Emily was in attendance, could have induced her condition, taking advantage of her religious indoctrination, and using covert experiments to open portals for entities.  In my opinion they also used fear based mk ultra, and drugs.

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